• 5 Things You Need to Know Before Studying Criminal Justice

    Cheat Sheet for Ethical Dilemmas Law Enforcement

    A “Cheat-Sheet” for Ethical Dilemmas Faced by Law Enforcement Professionals From 2012 to 2016, a rash of alleged (still pending criminal convictions) and confirmed police brutality towards African-Americans resulted in unrest, riots, violent reprisals, and a chronic distrust of the American criminal justice system. The shooting of Trayvon Martin, a teenager born in Miami, is … Continued

  • The Importance of Academic Advising

    College is a time of major transition for most students. Having just left the rigid organization of high school, the relaxed environment of homeschooling, or re-entering the classroom after an absence, many college students are in a state of great change and in need of good advice. Without academic guidance, students could find themselves in … Continued

  • FNU Graduation Table Setting Stock Photo

    10 Careers You Can Have with an Associate of Arts Degree

    When it comes to visualizing your professional career and development in the future, it helps to picture your goals within the next 10 years; the idea is to think about your earning potential and how it conforms to your financial horizon. Are you earning enough to support yourself and your loved ones? Do you see … Continued

  • study habits

    10 Reasons Why You Should Form a Study Group

    Time and time again, the group project has become an intrusive problem for students, leaving students unsettled with the idea of working or studying in a group setting. However, that does not mean that the potential of studying in groups should be dismissed. Effective study groups help students learn the material in a deeper, more … Continued

  • man studying on laptop

    Benefits of Online College for Professionals in the Workforce

    The career outlook for college graduates this year has not looked as good in a decade, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ annual outlook survey. On a year-over-year basis, American organizations in the public and private sectors plan to hire 16.6 percent more college grads in 2019 and wage growth for this … Continued

  • Grad student jump posing

    4 Online Education Degrees That Will Help You Land a High Paying Job

    There was a time when distance learning and online education degrees carried a bit of an unfounded stigma, particularly for job seekers competing against applicants who graduated from traditional universities. Now that e-learning has revolutionized higher education, it helps to remember that two famous individuals, whose career success played a crucial part in the modern … Continued

  • 4 Psychology Degree Facts and Myths to Know Before Enrolling

    4 Psychology Degree Facts and Myths to Know Before Enrolling

    A series of odd facts surface for most psychology students only after enrolling in a degree program. Students usually undertake the degree with an honest and urgent desire to help people, enthusiastically dive into their degree and try apply the knowledge they’ve gained in their first classes when they realize that some of the … Continued

  • Becoming A Medical Assisting Technologist: Certifications And Requirements

    Becoming A Medical Assisting Technologist: Certifications And Requirements

    The need for qualified medical assistants continues to increase as more Baby Boomers reach the age of retirement. The field of Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists is projected to grow at 13%, which is considered faster than average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In general, the medical field is in high demand … Continued

  • Bachelor's in Psychology: 3 Things to Consider Before Enrolling

    Bachelor’s in Psychology: 3 Things to Consider Before Enrolling

    Discover surprising details about getting a BA in Psychology and working in the field from current psychologists and our own professors at Florida National University. What are some of the things that they weren’t expecting before they got into the program? What are some of the skills they picked up along the way or see … Continued

  • Top 10 Certifications To Consider Adding To Your Resume

    Top 10 Certifications To Consider Adding To Your Resume

    If you find that you’re having trouble landing a job, then perhaps it’s time to improve your resume.  We’re not suggesting a new format with vivid colors and photo to boot either. Here at Florida National University (FNU), we are concerned more with the helping students equip themselves with the proper education needed to achieve … Continued

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