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At Florida National University (FNU), we understand your role as a Marine (Active-Reserve) and how important educational benefits are in assisting you on the career path. Whether it’s achieving the next rank or transitioning into the corporate world, education is the key to opening new doors. Florida National University offers fixed-affordable pricing for both onsite and distance learning education helping you to benefit from your tuition assistance (TA).

US Marine Corps Tuition Assistance & Educational Benefits

Tuition assistance is authorized only for tuition charges and is authorized for up to 100 percent of tuition and fees including lab, technology, and distance learning fees, not to exceed $250 per semester hour, for undergraduate and graduate courses, and $4,500 per individual per fiscal year. Marines are responsible for costs that exceed tuition assistance authorized funding limits, as well as all non-tuition fees including, but not limited to, costs associated with room, board, equipment, supplies, books/materials, exams, insurance, parking, transportation, admissions, registration, or fines.

Initial and continued usage of tuition assistance is at the commander’s discretion. Marines have no minimum time in service requirement for utilization of tuition assistance, however, there are several prerequisites that the US Marine must meet prior to tuition assistance approval.

US Marines who fail to successfully complete a course must reimburse received tuition assistance funds. Successful course completion is defined for the purpose of reimbursement as a grade of “C” or higher for undergraduate courses, a “B” or higher for graduate courses, and a “pass” for “pass/fail” courses. Tuition assistance funds will be recouped from Marines for “D” and “F”/ “fail” grades, unresolved “I”/Incomplete, or courses from which the Marine voluntarily withdrew, resulting in a “W” grade.

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