Reasons a Business Degree is a Good Choice for Indecisive for Any High School Grad

Women in business attire shaking a mans handSome people have always known what they have wanted to do for a living since the playground. Not everyone’s career aspirations are always that clear. High school counselors typically advise students to start preparing for college in their junior year. While it’s wise to start thinking about what type of college program you want to enroll in then, it’s not uncommon to still be undecided.

Even with college programs like the Dual Enrollment Admission at Florida National University (FNU) that allow high school students to enroll in general education courses to get a jump-start on their college career, a student can still be indecisive about their end-goal as a college student. It’s also not uncommon for Freshmen to enroll as undecided either, but this is something that you’ll eventually need to change as you approach your Junior year in college—perhaps even before you reach your Sophomore year as some core courses can be taken during this time depending on the academic program.

Alternatives to Enrolling as Undecided

FNU allows students the freedom to choose which degree program to enroll in—you can even enroll as undecided, but for the sake of your academic career, we advise against this. The best way to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your education even if you’re undecided about your career path is to enroll in a business degree program.

Why Go for a Business Degree?

Having a degree in business is going to be applicable to almost every industry. This will give you a broader option of deciding where you might want to work. For instance, industries like telecommunications and media, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, consumer goods and services all need to be properly managed in order to be successful.

Why is a Business Degree So Diverse?

The fundamentals of business in general serve as the backbone for the economy as a whole. Without it, there’s no structure in rightfully conducting internal processes that are directly related with financial management. In short, a business degree teaches you how to make an organization run efficiently.

Unlike Accounting, Nursing, or Psychology, a business degree program offers valuable practices in a general approach. It doesn’t specialize in one particular field and this is usually what most undecided high school students are afraid of—committing to learning a specific field of study that they aren’t 100% certain that they want to turn into a career. A business degree’s curriculum provides a broader exposure to key elements that make a business run well.

FNU Business Programs at a Glance

FNU’s business programs offer you an overview of how the business sector operates by providing a thorough examination of the functions therein and how they might interact with one another. A great deal of this includes the involvement of skillfully navigating a spreadsheet to calculate numbers to project statistical analyses. So having excellent accounting skills is a must.

While core courses include Principles of Accounting, you also build on that with Managerial Accounting and Income Tax Accounting. Proper money management is the key to operating a good company, and a business degree is sure to impress any potential employer as it proves that you have already been taught the fundamentals of business law, marketing, and microeconomics while understanding business ethics and the social responsibility of it.

This is the most basic type of education you can get with a business degree. All of this is typically taught at an associates level that can be earned in approximately two years. To read more about FNU’s Associate of Science in Business Administration click here.

So an indecisive high school student might want to enroll in the program and then go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in something else—maybe even in Business Administration!

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

A bachelor’s degree takes approximately four years to complete. As aforementioned, it is highly advised to choose a concentration during the first two years of your college career. If at that point you’re still undecided, then consider enrolling in the bachelor’s program of business administration.

FNU’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BS) program offers you everything you’d get in the associate’s program and more. Here, you’ll build upon the associate level courses with more in-depth classes that teach you how to actually apply all of those management courses while exercising the practice of strategic thinking that most entrepreneurs undergo to start their own business.

What Else Does an FNU BS Degree Offer?

In addition to learning dynamic organizational skills, students will also get a better understanding in how business modeling works along with a basic understanding of human resource management. As you can see, learning all of these skill sets pairs nicely with any business industry. Undecided students will be able to take these skills and submit their resume anywhere! However, even if you’re still indecisive, FNU’s BSN program gives students the possibility to select from one of the following concentrations:

  • General Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Sports Management

Even at this level, an indecisive high school graduate can select General Management as his or her concentration. An undecided student can enroll in either an Associates or Bachelor of Science in Business Administration having complete confidence knowing that while he or she may not know exactly which profession to pursue, can go into the world armed with a quality education that can truly open doors to a successful future.

FNU: Helping You Make Smart Decisions

You might not be sure about what kind of career you want to pursue, but equipping yourself with an accredited business degree will definitely help you apply for a wider range of jobs throughout the country and even the world. Also, a business degree doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to look for desk jobs. College graduates can use this degree to set them up in the nonprofit sector, healthcare, pre-law, and more!

FNU is a regionally accredited higher learning institution with two campuses located in Miami and Hialeah, Florida. We also have an Online and Training Center for students to make the most out of their education. And if you are interested in learning about taking classes online, call our enrollment office to find out what you need to do to register for classes. This way, you’ll have all of your college responsibilities taken care of and you can truly enjoy your high school graduation. You can also contact us through our online form.