Top 4 Educational Programs for Creative Personalities

Colored pencils It is not considered uncommon for students who excel in the creative atmosphere to enjoy arts and literature as opposed to science or math. However, this understanding leaves a question begging to be answered—what does this mean for creative personalities during their educational careers and future jobs?

Keep in mind that creative characteristics provide a variety of job opportunities for right-brained individuals—and a right-brained dominance does not mean a creative individual cannot utilize their left-brain. What does this mean for those students?

Students need technical and practical skills to pursue education and jobs at any level. Regardless of one’s brain dominance, each person possesses characteristics from both sides of the brain—including logical thinking skills, which can and should be applied in a practical manner throughout an educational and working career.

Often, those who consider themselves more “right-brained” find themselves having difficulty fitting into traditional education programs. However, there are a number of programs in which students who are more on the creative side can enjoy during his or her undergraduate studies—even at a traditional educational facility.

Let’s take a closer look at how creative-thinking “right-brainers” might excel in some of the careers associated with Florida National University (FNU) degrees:


Teachers are often described as incredibly creative individuals. In fact, the most creative teachers are often celebrated for innovating and fostering unique teaching skills that enable students to learn better.

There are several tactics and guides depicting practices and skills needed for implementing creativity in the classroom.

In Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk, he discusses and analyzes the use of creativity in schools today. This Ted Talk is known as one of the most popular to date, with over 33 million views—a number which speaks to the high level of interest surrounding this topic.

It’s not surprising to see why it is so popular. Robinson addresses his understanding of the state of the educational system, focusing on the fact that creativity is not being used to its potential. Throughout his talk, the speaker emphasizes the unpredictability of the future along with the need for creativity when teaching and preparing students to face that future.

Robinson’s Ted Talk speaks to why it is so critical to employ creative teachers throughout multiple levels of the education sector who enable creative students—dancers, musicians, and artists—the chance to excel.

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Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management is another career path that is excellent for creative personalities. Working as a hospitality manager is a very dynamic role. It is a fast-paced lifestyle in which professionals must be quick thinking and creative. Managers quickly come up with resolutions to any problems that arise while also propelling the company forward with innovative practices.

According to the Journal of Tourism Challenges and Trends, “Over the course of modern history, innovation has proved fundamental for formal organizations. . . Similarly, a company that fails to innovate and remains blocked in ‘industry recipes’ will eventually lose its competitive advantage.”

Companies must constantly be thinking of new ways to promote business and stand out. Innovation is a powerful force in the hospitality industry, and it takes a creative, skilled, learned personality to do so in an effective manner.

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Although medical careers are considered technical and skill-driven, even nurses are celebrated for their creative ability. The role of a nurse goes further than that of a medical professional alone. They are also caregivers and friends to those who need one.

Nurses are touted for their ability to ease pain, fear, and discomforts of patients in the hospital. They must take care of this in creative ways—especially nurses working in the pediatric wing of a hospital. Children are easily scared by medical practices—machines, needles, and medicines—but they can be comforted by the efforts of trained and empathetic nurses.

Recently, a video was popularized online depicting nurses dancing with one of the children in their hospital. The young girl is seen laughing and dancing with her two nurses, no sign of her condition holding her back.

This sweet story showed how, each day, nurses work to boost the morale of their patients while also caring for them. These nurses were celebrated for making the young patient feel more comfortable in a time of need. It takes a creative personality to take on a role like that.

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Dental Lab Technician / Assistant

This might come as a surprise to creative personalities. While dentistry is highly based on oral hygiene and care, dentistry is also an art: a craft needing agile hands and an elevated level of learned skill. Individuals entering this field are typically good with crafts and working with their hands, a skill often seen in a creative personality.

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Florida National University: Opens Doors for All

These are just four of several careers in which those who are more “right-brained” can excel. Whether you are academically inspired or creatively skilled, FNU has a program for you. Ready to get started toward your next career? Apply to FNU now!