• Bachelor's in Legal Studies First Step To Law School

    Bachelor’s in Legal Studies: First Step To Law School

    For someone who envisions themselves studying on a law school campus, passing the bar is the only way you will ultimately get to represent clients as an attorney, legally give advice and earn that top salary that you’re going for. Do realize that the bar exam in Florida is one of the toughest to pass. … Continued

  • Masters in Business Administration: 3 Career Benefits

    We all know that education is a key to success, and the better your education the better your chances of succeeding and living the life of your dreams. As proof, the U.S. Bureau of Labor of Statistics consistently reports year after year that even during economic downturns, people with a Master’s degree tend to retain … Continued

  • Nursing Stethoscopes

    ACEN Site Review for FNU’s ADN Program

    Florida National University wishes to announce that it will host a site review for the intial accreditation of its Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program by Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). You are invited to meet the site visit team and share your comments about the program in person in a public meeting … Continued

  • FNU Natural Science Degree Program in Miami

    Natural Science Degree Program in South Florida

    For undecided aspiring college students who are perusing through the academic catalog and skip over the Natural Science degree program, we implore you to think again. There is much that you can do with a bachelor’s degree in this subject area. Many people tend to categorize this subject area into learning about the biology and … Continued

  • Top Physical Therapist Assistant Programs in Miami, Florida

    Top Physical Therapist Assistant Programs in Miami, Florida

    One hundred percent of our graduates of the Top Physical Therapist Assistant Associate of Science (A.S.) are working in their field within a maximum of two years. It’s worthy of stating the obvious: this is a strong and practical marker of a top-tier program. In Miami, the job market is competitive and there are schools … Continued

  • Jump Start Your Healthcare Services Administration Career in South Florida

    Jump Start Your Healthcare Services Administration Career in South Florida

    There’s no doubt that healthcare administration is a complicated process. Patient admissions, insurance, assigning the correct procedural codes – healthcare professionals need dedicated people to perform administrative tasks quickly and accurately so they can get on with providing the care that their patients need.   This is why healthcare services administrators are in such high … Continued

  • Dental Laboratory Technology Program with Hands-On Experience

    There are many vocations and professions where there will always need to be more than a simple case of studying from books and listening to lectures. For example, you cannot expect to gain entry into a career in healthcare when, during your learning journey, you’ve not spent time dealing with the kind of people you’d … Continued

  • How to Pursue a Computer Technology Degree in Miami

    How to Pursue a Computer Technology Degree in Miami

    Today’s ever-evolving technological advances are affecting the way businesses operate in regards to storing and exchanging information. One of the most cost-effective workflow improvements is the invention of automation. Automation allows organizations to increase their workflow, cut payroll cost, and increase efficiency. This type of technology is evident in our everyday lives outside of work … Continued

  • Radiologic Technology Degree 5 Things Prospective Students Should Know1

    Radiologic Technology Degree: 5 Things Prospective Students Should Know

    You may think that a radiologic technology degree is designed to allow you to only become accustomed to the equipment that you will be using, but there’s plenty more that you should be aware of when embarking on this popular and potentially lucrative career. If you’re thinking of becoming a radiologic technology degree student, then … Continued

  • Pursuing a Career in Accounting? : 4 Things To Keep in Mind

    If you consider yourself exceptionally good with numbers, then you might want to look into continuing your education and learn the skills of an accountant. An accountant’s main responsibilities are to produce and maintain financial records for various types of businesses and organizations. Other job titles for such a position are Bookkeeper and Auditing Clerk. … Continued

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