• Doctors about to x-ray a patient

    Best X-Ray Tech Program in South Florida

    The medical industry is massive. Even if you were to narrow the locations down to the South Florida area, finding the right X-Ray Technician program can turn into an extensive search. If you’re looking for an excellent X-Ray Technician program in the South Florida area, Florida National University (FNU) can offer a few suggestions along … Continued

  • Ultrasound Tech FNU Students

    7 Things to Know Before Studying Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Technology

    Before dedicating yourself to an educational program, it’s important to review the programs offered by a university in order to help narrow down a program of study. Those who are not familiar with a particular program of study might pass over without ever giving it a second thought. However, students who are open to … Continued

  • Balancing Academics and Athletics

    If you’re an athlete in college, it’s certain that your contribution and performance is very important to you. While there are many rewarding opportunities associated with being a student-athlete, many continue to struggle in finding the appropriate balance between academics and athletics. In addition, college freshmen may have the hardest time adjusting to this balance as they’re already dealing with the pivotal transition from high school to college. But with the right attitude and planning, student-athletes can successfully achieve a proper balance between academics and athletics.

  • Grad student jump posing

    4 Online Education Degrees That Will Help You Land a High Paying Job

    There was a time when distance learning and online education degrees carried a bit of an unfounded stigma, particularly for job seekers competing against applicants who graduated from traditional universities. Now that e-learning has revolutionized higher education, it helps to remember that two famous individuals, whose career success played a crucial part in the modern … Continued

  • FNU Men's Soccer Team Picture

    How To Play College Soccer; 5 Steps Needed To Get Recruited

    Some people call it soccer, others call it football and many others know it as fútbol; the most popular team sport globally is known to fans as “the beautiful game” for many reasons and it is practiced by over 300 million people around the world. One of the most endearing aspects of soccer is that … Continued

  • Scholarship for International Students: Florida National University

    Scholarship Opportunity for International Students

    The United States (US) typically attracts a great number of international students because of the quality of higher education and opportunities that follow after achieving a college degree. It’s our goal to provide international students with the tools and opportunities needed to complete their college education. Following Through with Our Goal As an international … Continued

  • 4 Psychology Degree Facts and Myths to Know Before Enrolling

    4 Psychology Degree Facts and Myths to Know Before Enrolling

    A series of odd facts surface for most psychology students only after enrolling in a degree program. Students usually undertake the degree with an honest and urgent desire to help people, enthusiastically dive into their degree and try apply the knowledge they’ve gained in their first classes when they realize that some of the … Continued

  • RN to MSN Master's Program: Advance Your Nursing Career

    RN to MSN Master’s Program: Advance Your Nursing Career

    How would you like a streamlined education track towards your Masters in Nursing, if you’ve already had quite a bit of experience in the nursing field? Your choice to enter into a career as a nurse was driven by your desire to not only provide a good life for you and your family but also … Continued

  • Bachelor's in Psychology: 3 Things to Consider Before Enrolling

    Bachelor’s in Psychology: 3 Things to Consider Before Enrolling

    Discover surprising details about getting a BA in Psychology and working in the field from current psychologists and our own professors at Florida National University. What are some of the things that they weren’t expecting before they got into the program? What are some of the skills they picked up along the way or see … Continued

  • Bachelor's in Legal Studies First Step To Law School

    Bachelor’s in Legal Studies: First Step To Law School

    For someone who envisions themselves studying on a law school campus, passing the bar is the only way you will ultimately get to represent clients as an attorney, legally give advice and earn that top salary that you’re going for. Do realize that the bar exam in Florida is one of the toughest to pass. … Continued