• Most Affordable Online MBA Degree Program

    Most Affordable Online MBA Degree Program

    Deciding if you want to advance your career after earning a bachelor’s degree is the beginning of a long decision-making process, but one that will ultimately lead to a brighter academic future. If you are interested in a career in the business world, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) will give you an in-depth understanding … Continued

  • How Can a Degree in Information Technology Help My Professional Career?

    How Can a Degree in Information Technology Help My Professional Career?

    No matter what industry you’re in, you can be sure that technology plays a big part in its success. According to research, 77% of all occupations will require some level of technical expertise by 2026. Whether you’re interested in an information technology (IT) career or you want to update your skill set, an Associate’s degree … Continued

  • How to Get Your Respiratory Therapy Degree Online

    How to Get Your Respiratory Therapy Degree Online

    Distance learning has come a long way since the internet burst into widespread public use. Over the last 20 years, accredited universities have acknowledged the need to provide more flexibility and access to higher education. This evolution is simply a way of addressing the realities of an increasingly mobile population, more stringent training requirements for … Continued

  • Leading Computer Information Technology Program in Florida

    If you are considering a career in the field of computer information technology (IT), investing in a leading academic program can open up new doors and exciting career opportunities. The field of information systems and information technology is flourishing. This industry is expected to continue well into the future thanks to the technological revolution still … Continued

  • Advance in Your Career with a Master’s in Health Services Administration

    Whether you want to advance your medical career or start out on a new path, healthcare administration is a growth sector where qualified individuals are always in demand. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health services management is expected to grow by 20 percent between now and 2026, employing a total of … Continued

  • How to Become a Medical Assistant In South Florida

    The healthcare industry is full of exciting career opportunities and new job openings popping up all across the country. For aspiring professionals seeking to work in the healthcare industry rather quickly, choosing to become a medical assistant may the best career option for you. If you would describe yourself as being a very organized and … Continued

  • How to Reduce College Tuition Expense

    When you start adulting, one of the biggest investment expenses to adopt is a student loan. To make sure that you’re not incurring too much debt while earning your college education, the administrative team here at Florida National University (FNU) would like to provide you with some helpful tips on what you can do to … Continued

  • Taking Classes Online: How to Get Prepared and Stay Focused

    For online degree seekers, it’s important to stay on top of your academic schedule. From time management to sticking to a schedule, all of this is part of the day-to-day procedures of someone pursuing a higher education degree. Are you an active online student trying to stay focused? Perhaps you’re taking online classes for the … Continued

  • How to Pursue a Career as an Ultrasound Technician in Florida

    How to Pursue a Career as an Ultrasound Technician in Florida

    Becoming an ultrasound technician in Florida can be an extremely promising career path. New and exciting job opportunities continue to open up in the field every day.  Plus, you can start working as an ultrasound technician much more quickly than you might have realized. With a degree from Florida National University, you can receive the … Continued

  • Advance in Your Career with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degree

    Getting a Master of Science in Nursing degree can open up new and exciting career opportunities for ambitious, motivated individuals. Today, there are more ways than ever to obtain an MSN degree and getting your education online has many unique advantages in and of itself. Advance Your Nursing Career with a Higher Education Degree With … Continued