• FNU Fall 2015 Commencement Ceremony

  • Conquistadors cruise with a 10-0 blowout win over Suns

    With the regular season coming to an end, the Conquistador Men’s soccer team find themselves on the proverbial bubble for receiving a bid to the USCAA National Soccer tournament. The team has played a tough schedule, but only has four wins and 6 ties to show for it. Saturday afternoon the game was never in doubt as the Conquistadors dominated the Suns 10-0. Sophomore Renan Leite scores the first hat... Read More
  • ESL Scholarship Winner Expresses Gratitude

    Florida National University (FNU) in partnership with Real Concepts Magazine awarded a scholarship to Mrs. Denia Balmaseda so she can learn English through FNU’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program. To show her appreciation, Mrs. Balmaseda (who currently does not speak English) asked Real Concepts Magazine to draft a letter of appreciation on her behalf. “Muchísimas gracias, el haber ganado esta beca me va ayudar a tener un mejor... Read More
  • Adjusting to Life in the United States as an International Student

    Adjusting to life in a new country may seem intimidating and frustrating. Understand that thousands of students before you have embarked on this journey. You are not alone. It is normal for an international student to experience excitement, nervousness, sadness, happiness, and everything else! Making the move away from one’s family, friends, and culture is challenging and requires a significant amount of changes, mentally and emotionally. Here are some tips... Read More
  • Men’s Soccer team Gaining Momentum

    After several close losses and a lot of ties, the Conquistador Men’s soccer team has put together two back to back wins versus USCAA opponents. On Saturday the Conquistadors concluded a road trip to Alabama in which they split with Concordia College losing the first game 2-1 in a defensive slugfest and winning the final game 1-0. In the final game of the road trip, Diogo Nanni scored the only... Read More
  • Jose Crossier Rising Music Sensation and FNU Alumnus

    Mr. Jose Crossier arrived in the United States in 2000 from Cuba. Realizing that he needed to learn English to be able to achieve his dreams, Jose enrolled in Florida National University’ English as a Second Language (ESL) program. After successfully completing the program, Mr. Crossier enrolled in Florida National University (FNU) as a degree-seeking student and completed his Associate of Science degree in 2004. In 2006 he was part... Read More
  • Considering Pre-Med? Get a BS in Natural Sciences from FNU

    Are you aspiring to become a world-class physician one day, but still unsure about how to take the first step? Many prospective pre-med students often feel intimidated about what’s waiting for them at the finish line¾or for that matter, what’s at the start line. That’s when a million questions start rolling through a student’s mind, sometimes turning what should be an enjoyable start to a lifelong journey into the need... Read More
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Taking the TOEFL

    The Test of English as a Foreign Language, (commonly known as TOEFL), is a test that universities and colleges use to gauge a student’s ability and preparedness to perform at a functional level in an English-speaking classroom. It is widely used for students who have learned English as a second language to ensure they can actively participate in an American classroom. Taking this exam is not something to be taken... Read More
  • 8 Benefits of Being an FNU Alumni

    Florida National University (FNU) takes pride in contributing education to an array of multi-ethnic cultures. An FNU Alumni can take pride in knowing that they are a part of a distinguished fraternity of educated graduates that extends its knowledge beyond the campus and into the community, thus creating a harmonious circle of encouragement, enlightenment, and teaching. Our campuses are located in the heart of South Florida. FNU’s first campus was... Read More
  • 7 Medical Careers That Are In Demand (And Don’t Require Med School!)

    Medical school is a long-term commitment that requires additional schooling, resources, and time. While a number of students are interested in making their mark on the medical field, not all students have the financial resources or time available to enter medical school. Furthermore, high competition can make it difficult for some students to enter these schools. While medical school is a highly respectable option for professionals to pursue, some students... Read More