• Is an Accelerated Nursing Program Right for You?

    Nursing: A Stable, Respected, and In-Demand Career Choice Nursing is one of the noblest professions you can choose - and it can also be one of the most fulfilling. It is a profession of service to others, in which dedication, expertise, and passion are the prerequisites for success. Providing care to those in need enables you to make an enormous difference in people’s lives at a time that they need... Read More
  • How to be a Better Person

    How to Be a Better Person Life is full of challenges, and each of us is faced with many of them as we go along. Yet when we are able to face challenges with calmness and composure, we can respond as our best selves. Indeed, every challenge - whether big or small - represents an opportunity to better ourselves. Here are a few words of wisdom on how to better... Read More
  • Dental Laboratory Technician Training in Miami FL

    Dental Laboratory Technician Training in Miami FL Are you good with your hands, interested in helping people, and very detail-oriented? Then you may be an excellent dental laboratory technician. Becoming a dental laboratory technician means belonging to a specialized, in-demand profession that is experiencing a stable occupational outlook in the future. As opposed to many skilled craftsman jobs that are losing ground or disappearing entirely as the labor force moves... Read More
  • FNU Respiratory Therapy Program Welcomes International Colleague

    [caption id="attachment_10872" align="alignright" width="233"] Ms. Kimberley Cumberbatch, Registered Respiratory Therapist[/caption] My name is Kimberley Cumberbatch, and I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist. I graduated from the MSc RT program at Northeastern University, Boston, MA in 2009. After completing my studies I returned home to my country Barbados in hopes of utilizing my knowledge and skills there where respiratory therapy is new and generally unheard of by the average person. However... Read More
  • Business Ethics Competition Results

    [caption id="attachment_10856" align="aligncenter" width="320"] Winners: Day Team 1: Danet L. Torres, Yenisleydis Llopis with Prof. Osvaldo Sanchez[/caption]     As part of the effort for reinforcing student participation, engagement and retention at Florida National University, the Business Department performed last week the Business Ethics exercise (competition) between the day and evening business students taking GEB2430 Ethics & Social Responsibility. The team discussions were evaluated by a team of judges from... Read More
  • How Much Does Online College Cost Per Year?

    Finding out what online college costs may sound like a simple question, but with the rapidly growing multiplicity of options now available, there is no simple answer. Each program differs in cost and value. Here are some tips to navigating the many choices in online college courses and how to be smart about financing your education. Cost Versus Value First Let’s not forget that “cost” and “value” are not one... Read More
  • Online College Validity from an Employer’s Standpoint

    Online College Validity from an Employer's Standpoint It’s a jungle out there. Getting a job, we know, is not always easy. Job markets are competitive and professional fields are changing - requiring new and better training, more comprehensive education, and a specific set of skills in order to land a job. So, what are employers looking for these days - and does an online degree count? Quality Counts: How Can... Read More
  • Online College Prep Courses to Take Advantage Of

    Online College Prep Courses to Take Advantage Of Congratulations! If you are reading this, you’ve taken an important step: deciding to pursue a college education. You already know that receiving your higher education is a key step towards career success and higher earning potential in your chosen field. Now that you’re getting ready to start college, it’s important to think about what preparations you need to make beforehand. There are... Read More
  • Best Ways to Multitask Between Your Job and School

    Best Ways to Multitask Between Your Job and School While it is ideal to refrain from working as a full time student, it is not always a viable option. Many students need to work their way through college, particularly when completing a professional degree, in order to cover the costs of tuition, classes, books and more. Despite the fact that working is not usually recommended during the acquisition of a... Read More
  • FNU’s Criminal Justice Online College

    FNU's Criminal Justice Online College If you are considering gaining an advantage in the job market through earning an online college degree, we commend you. Earning a college degree takes time, commitment and work - but you know it’s worth the investment. There are many different courses of study open to you, and even more work opportunities after you complete your degree. One exciting field that offers numerous work opportunities... Read More