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    Benefits of Earning an Online Degree While Working Full-Time

    Acquiring an education is mandatory if you want to land a decent paying job. There may be some exceptions, but it’s rare—very rare, and it’s not recommended to gamble on it. Companies and corporations will overlook a resume that has no college education as fast as they picked it up. With so many colleges and … Continued

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    Pursuing an Educational Certificate Program in Miami

    Ever noticed how much harder it’s become to get a job? These days, where education can be easily obtained 100% online. The number of job-seekers has increased, making employers particularly more selective when choosing who they want to hire. With a wider selection of candidates to choose from and more people going back to school … Continued

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    How Business Administration Degrees Can Apply to Any Industry

    Are you currently undecided on which major to pursue? You may want to consider pursing a degree in business administration. If your intention is simply graduating with a bachelor’s degree, enrolling for classes that constitute the study requirements for an associate degree in business administration can serve as a good foundation for undecided students. For … Continued

  • What You Can Do With a Computer Information Technology Degree

    When it comes to education, there are a handful of professions that almost guarantee success in its field. Doctor, lawyer, accounting and finance often rise to the top. Usually computer technology follows close behind. The challenge with the computer technology profession is that it is a fairly large and versatile field. When choosing to enter … Continued

  • 7 Rewarding South Florida Careers You Can Land with a BS in Criminal Justice

    When narrowing down your program of study, it’s important to think about what careers would be in store for you after graduation. If you are studying criminal justice, but aren’t sure where this degree can take you, Florida National University (FNU) has created this list just for you. The following are some of the most … Continued

  • What Do Accountants Do? A Look at the Life of a CPA

    Have you ever wondered what accountants really do? Accountants have various job opportunities available to them outside of the general pencil-pusher cliché — especially when they opt to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). To become a CPA there are strict educational requirements that must be met. A prospective CPA must hold a bachelor’s degree … Continued

  • Studying Criminal Justice: Not What You See on T.V.

    Although many students enter their criminal justice program with the CSI theme playing in their heads, they soon find that the field does not match up to the way television shows depict it. Even in shows that are scripted to be realistic, or shows during which real individuals bring in community cases (i.e. Judge Judy, … Continued

  • 4 Reasons Why it’s Great to be in the Accounting Field in Miami

    The field of accounting is growing—and it’s not just due to accountant roles on popular TV series. In fact, the role of accountants is growing in popularity for a number of other reasons. Students, see why studying accounting might be a good move to secure a great future, and find out why Miami is an … Continued

  • The 2014-2015 Job Outlook for Accounting Graduates

    If you walked across the stage this spring to receive a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, then you should feel confident about your decision. Accounting graduates are currently one of the most sought after degree holders. Ranking at No. 3 in the National Association of Colleges and Employers The Job Outlook for the Class of 2014 report, … Continued

  • Earn Your Dental Assistant Certification with Florida National University

    If you are looking for a stable career that offers good earning potential, the satisfaction of helping people, and is growing by leaps and bounds, then you may want to consider becoming a dental assistant.