• Looking for a Quality Online Bachelor’s Degree in South Florida?

    Looking for a Quality Online Bachelor’s Degree in South Florida?

    While you can certainly apply for an online bachelor’s degree from anywhere in the country, there’s something to be said about having the convenience of enrolling in a regionally accredited institution that has a brick and mortar in-classroom option as well. So it’s not uncommon to live in the South Florida area and apply to … Continued

  • free online career test to see if Accounting is the career for you.

    The Best Online Accounting Degree Program in South Florida

    Searching for the right online accounting program can be a challenge. Online accounting programs are plentiful and easy to find, but because the options are readily at your fingertips means that you need to be diligent in searching for the best program for you. First, it’s important to assess what you want and need. If … Continued

  • Best University for Non-Traditional Students in Miami

    Best University for Non-Traditional Students in Miami

    Miami is a vibrant city that is full of cultural diversity, arts, and professional opportunities. According to the World Population Review, Miami had a population that was estimated at 441,003 in 2016 with a density of 4,687 per square mile. This all equates to Miami being the 44th most populated city in the United … Continued

  • Florida National University collage with picture of graduation, soccer players, dental students and exterior of campus

    How to Work and Go to College After High School in Miami

    Graduating from high school is a major accomplishment. With everything that goes on in high school, for some students, it may not seem like it will ever happen. So when it finally does, the goal for some high school graduates is to just take a break from it all. While this might sound like … Continued

  • Job Fair pairs FNU Alumni with Dream Career

    Job Fair pairs FNU Alumni with Dream Career

    One’s strength and mental fortitude will always be questioned in the path to success. FNU Alumni Noralina Almora is a testament to the perseverance and commitment that makes our students great. Noralina, 27, came to this country from her native Cuba at 9 years old. After finishing high school, she completed her pre-requisites at Miami-Dade … Continued

  • FNU Golden Room filled with people watching presentation for MSN program

    FNU Hosts Successful MSN Open House

    On the evening of Thursday, 11/03, Florida National University’s (FNU) Golden Room was filled with prospective students and nursing professionals as the university hosted an information session for our Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) program. Hosted by our MSN program director, Dr. Marlene Cesar-Berrouet, the event gave attendees specific program information, help with the … Continued

  • 8 Jobs You Can Get With a Business Administration Degree

    Best Ways to Find a Job in Miami After Graduating College

    “Adulting” is what it’s called now—life after graduation. The reality of student loans sets in. You now have to find a good job to pay for your college degree as well as that new car note you might have congratulated yourself with along with the rent that’s due next month now that your roommate moved … Continued

  • Nurse examines new born baby

    Why Choosing the Right Nursing School is Important

    If you live in the South Florida area, you know nursing program options are plentiful. So selecting the right one needs to be a well thought-out decision that takes a considerable amount of planning and research. Contrary to popular belief, all nursing programs are not the same. So you don’t want to randomly choose just … Continued

  • Physical therapist helping soldier

    4 Advantages to Studying Physical Therapy in Sunny South Florida

    If the beautiful tropical weather isn’t enough to convince you to study Physical Therapy in South Florida, Florida National University (FNU), a regionally accredited university in Miami has come up with a few collegiate advantages that might make you feel less guilty about migrating down south to earn your education. Earn Your Physical Therapist Assistant … Continued

  • male doctor with crossed arms and a pensive stare

    Best Nursing Programs for Students with a Medical Background

    If you’ve had experience working in the healthcare industry, or are currently working in the medical field and considering other career options, why not look into Florida National University’s (FNU) Nursing programs? With some careers, it’s required to have a specific type of academic training. That is usually the case in most medical professions. When … Continued