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    Where to Get a Flexible Criminal Justice Degree in South Florida

    Choosing a career in criminal justice can be an exciting venture. With a degree in Criminal Justice, you’ll be qualified to pursue jobs such as: Law Enforcement Officer Private Investigator Immigration Officer Correctional or Probation Officer Counselor Crime Scene Investigator And more!  Learning a Little More About Criminal Justice The field of Criminal Justice is … Continued

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    Reasons to Study Respiratory Therapy

    If you’re looking to work in the in the respiratory profession, congratulations! This is a specific kind of niche in the medical field that not everyone gravitates to. This means that you’re focused on what you want to study and where you want to go in your professional career. That in itself is quite the … Continued

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    Things to Consider When Choosing a Nursing School in South Florida

    Sometimes, having a limited pool of options can be just as difficult as having a wide array of options. Knowing that you want to attend a college in South Florida and knowing that you want to study Nursing may not always be enough to make a decision. Now, you have to narrow down your choice … Continued

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    Online Health Services Administration Degree in South Florida

    Florida is widely known for being one of the top destinations for traveling and vacationing. It’s also one of the states that has a growing retirement population. According to the United States (US) Census Bureau’s 2014 population estimates, the Pew Research Center reported that four counties in the state of Florida ranked for having the … Continued

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    South Florida Careers for those with a Criminal Justice Degree

    Most students might assume that in order to earn a career in criminal justice, they will be required to go through an extensive period of schooling. That actually all depends on the type of job you’re looking for. If you want to be a criminal lawyer, then you should prepare yourself for a long career … Continued

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    Benefits of Earning an Online Degree While Working Full-Time

    Acquiring an education is mandatory if you want to land a decent paying job. There may be some exceptions, but it’s rare—very rare, and it’s not recommended to gamble on it. Companies and corporations will overlook a resume that has no college education as fast as they picked it up. With so many colleges and … Continued

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    Pursuing an Educational Certificate Program in Miami

    Ever noticed how much harder it’s become to get a job? These days, where education can be easily obtained 100% online. The number of job-seekers has increased, making employers particularly more selective when choosing who they want to hire. With a wider selection of candidates to choose from and more people going back to school … Continued

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    How Business Administration Degrees Can Apply to Any Industry

    Are you currently undecided on which major to pursue? You may want to consider pursing a degree in business administration. If your intention is simply graduating with a bachelor’s degree, enrolling for classes that constitute the study requirements for an associate degree in business administration can serve as a good foundation for undecided students. For … Continued

  • What You Can Do With a Computer Information Technology Degree

    When it comes to education, there are a handful of professions that almost guarantee success in its field. Doctor, lawyer, accounting and finance often rise to the top. Usually computer technology follows close behind. The challenge with the computer technology profession is that it is a fairly large and versatile field. When choosing to enter … Continued

  • 7 Rewarding South Florida Careers You Can Land with a BS in Criminal Justice

    When narrowing down your program of study, it’s important to think about what careers would be in store for you after graduation. If you are studying criminal justice, but aren’t sure where this degree can take you, Florida National University (FNU) has created this list just for you. The following are some of the most … Continued