• Marketing and Sales Degree: What You Can Do With One

    Marketing and Sales Degree: What You Can Do With One

    Marketing is a core element of all organizations and, therefore, opportunities exist across all industry sectors – private, public and voluntary. These can range from the financial, consumer and information technology industries to not-for-profit organizations, such as charities, local government, and higher education institutions. Most companies use traditional marketing methods alongside developing digital and social … Continued

  • The Evolution of Distance Learning

    While planning your next semester, you begin to consider taking a few online courses. You realize that the flexibility of the classes will help alleviate your tight schedule, and saving on your commute means a little extra money for shopping! You begin to wonder who created this marvelous invention. Believe it or not, distance learning … Continued

  • The Impact of Online Colleges on Education

    The Impact of Online Colleges on Education

    If you are considering furthering your education in order to advance your career, certainly by now you know that online education has rapidly become a significant sector in higher education. Indeed, a broad range of courses and fields are now offering online study options. Online education has changed how people study and how feasible it is for them to continue studying even when holding down jobs or raising families. Online education allows a number of benefits that modern students find attractive. Firstly, online education offers considerable flexibility, as well as the ability to go at one’s own pace, to study anytime and anywhere. For many students, the recent inclusion of online courses in higher education programs has made college attainable. In addition, online colleges have had a tremendous impact on education as a whole.

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    How to Get an Information Technology Degree Online

    Information technology is a professional field on the rise. In the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that more than 557,000 new IT jobs will be created between now and the year 2026; this represents a projected growth rate of 13 percent, faster than the average growth expected across all other careers. In … Continued

  • Online Finance Degree

    5 Reasons You Should Get a Finance Degree Online

    In March 2019, an interesting Forbes article told the amazing story of Joe Hassett, a former point guard and NBA champion with the 1979 Seattle Supersonics, a team that featured stars such as Paul Silas and Dennis Johnson. Hassett retired in 1983; his only NBA ring corresponds to the only title won by the Supersonics, … Continued

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    How Do Online Classes Work and Are They Right For Me?

    College students signing up for online education courses is a trend that transcends total enrollment, according to a December 2018 report published by the United States National Center for Education Statistics. The Department of Education estimates that 20.1 million students enrolled in post-secondary education during the Fall 2017 semester; this actually represents a slight drop … Continued

  • Self-Paced Online Degree Programs for Working Professionals

    What a Self-Paced Online Degree Program Can Do for Working Professionals

    For working professionals, earning your degree online is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Self-paced online degree programs provide you with the opportunity to learn on your own time and further your potential career path. At Florida National University (FNU), we offer a wide array of online programs from master degrees to associates. … Continued

  • Most Affordable Online MBA Degree Program

    Most Affordable Online MBA Degree Program

    Deciding if you want to advance your career after earning a bachelor’s degree is the beginning of a long decision-making process, but one that will ultimately lead to a brighter academic future. If you are interested in a career in the business world, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) will give you an in-depth understanding … Continued

  • How to Get Your Respiratory Therapy Degree Online

    How to Get Your Respiratory Therapy Degree Online

    Distance learning has come a long way since the internet burst into widespread public use. Over the last 20 years, accredited universities have acknowledged the need to provide more flexibility and access to higher education. This evolution is simply a way of addressing the realities of an increasingly mobile population, more stringent training requirements for … Continued

  • Taking Classes Online: How to Get Prepared and Stay Focused

    For online degree seekers, it’s important to stay on top of your academic schedule. From time management to sticking to a schedule, all of this is part of the day-to-day procedures of someone pursuing a higher education degree. Are you an active online student trying to stay focused? Perhaps you’re taking online classes for the … Continued