• The Importance of Academic Advising

    College is a time of major transition for most students.  Having just left the rigid organization of high school, or the relaxed environment of being homeschooled, or re-entering the academic community after an absence, most college students are in a state of great change and in need of good advice. Without academic guidance, students … Continued

  • Xray of a person's lungs

    Respiratory Therapy Career Options

    The Respiratory Therapy program at Florida National University offers three different career paths to choose from: 1) The Associates of Science in Respiratory Therapy will enable graduates who pass the National Board for Respiratory Care Exams to earn the Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) national credential and to work in field. 2) The Bachelors of Science in … Continued

  • Careers for a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice

    Getting a Job as a Paralegal in South Florida

    If you’ve always been intrigued with the law and have considered pursuing a career in the legal field, one of the ways to get started is to enroll in an Associate’s Program in Paralegal Studies. You can go online and find a long list of paralegal programs, but ideally, one will stand out from the … Continued

  • Bachelor Degree in Psychology diploma and graduation cap/tassel

    What You Can Do With a Psychology Degree

    According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 1 in 5 people living in the United States experience mental illness a year, and 1 in 25 adults experience a serious mental illness that alters one’s lifestyle. What’s even more troubling is the youth’s numbers. One in 5 people ranging between the ages of 13 to18 … Continued

  • 5 Things You Need to Know Before Studying Criminal Justice

    Cheat Sheet for Ethical Dilemmas Law Enforcement

    A “cheat-sheet” for Ethical Dilemmas Law Enforcement Elizabeth C. Barcena, JD, LLM in Criminal Law The recent surge in cases of alleged[1] and confirmed police brutality towards African-Americans has resulted in the chronic distrust of the American criminal justice system. Law enforcement agencies across the U.S. must recognize, address, and resolve this crisis before it … Continued

  • Stethoscope and pen on a piece of paper

    How a Master’s in Health Administration Can Advance Your Career in Florida

    The state of Florida is the perfect place for someone who is interested in either pursuing a career in the healthcare industry or advancing in the position he or she already has acquired in the field. The number of jobs in the healthcare industry is expected to increase significantly according to the United States Department … Continued

  • Two nurses and doctor looking at x-ray results

    Which Nursing Program in Miami Should I Choose?

    If you’re thinking of enrolling in a nursing program in Miami, but are undecided on which type of program to enroll in, the first thing you need to do is conduct a bit of research. Choosing a college program of any kind is nothing to take lightly. It’s an investment of your time and … Continued

  • A diverse group of doctors weaing blue scrubs looking at the camera

    8 Sure-Fire Signs a Career in Nursing Might Be Right For You  

    You have a desire to help people. Working as nurse isn’t for everyone. It’s a profession that requires you to care for the well-being of other individuals. This not only requires a certain skill set, it also requires an inner-drive to want to care for those who cannot care for themselves. Believe it or not, … Continued

  • Women in business attire shaking a mans hand

    Reasons a Business Degree is a Good Choice for Indecisive for Any High School Grad

    Some people have always known what they have wanted to do for a living since the playground. Not everyone’s career aspirations are always that clear. High school counselors typically advise students to start preparing for college in their junior year. While it’s wise to start thinking about what type of college program you want to … Continued

  • What to Do If You Feel Hesitant About Attending College in Miami

    For some people, Miami is known for its high fashion and carefree lifestyle. Movies often portray this kind of image, and as a result many tourists are interested in visiting Miami. Some people might even become permanent residents. In contrast, some people might be intimidated by how Miami is portrayed. For this reason, they could … Continued

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