• 9 Ways to Prepare for College Over the Summer

    Whether you are a first time learner or a returning student, there are innumerable ways to prepare for college during the summer. While there are many activities to partake in over the summer months, as a college student, there should always be some proactive planning going toward your academic studies—even on the “off” months. Don’t waste your all of your valuable free time this summer without a plan for the... Read More
  • 2016-17 Women’s Volleyball Preview

      2016-17 Season preview Head Coach: 2nd Year Carlos Huaroto-Luque Sport: Women’s Volleyball Last Season record: 5-27 Key Returning Players: Brianne Ballow Cinergi Rosas New Players: Adara Anselmo Silvia Galeano Thalia Torres Melissa Helphrey Bianca Baez Coach’s Expectations for the year: We are really excited about this upcoming season! Our expectations are high and we are not afraid of those expectations. We have ambitious goals, we want to be able... Read More
  • 2016-17 Soccer Preview

    2016-17 Season preview Head Coach: Joao Garcia 2nd Year Sport: Men’s Soccer Last Season record: 8-7-5 Key Returning Players: Diogo Nanni Leo Rodrigues Aday Gonzalez Onezimo Fransisco Marcus Stein Gabriel Miranda New Players: Matheus Eccard Vinicius Costa Arthur Mesquita Marco Sordi Joao Caselatto Coach’s Expectations for the year: With a strong core of guys coming back from last season, and some quality transfers, we expect to have a season where... Read More
  • Advantage of a Bachelors Degree in Natural Sciences

    If you’re incredibly gifted when it comes to dealing with numbers, then most likely you might be a talented mathematician. While pursuing a degree in Accounting or even Business Administration might be the more obvious route, you might want to take a moment to review all of your options when it comes to selecting the academic field of interest that you want to study. An academic curriculum that one might... Read More
  • Are There More Career Options with a Bachelor’s in Nursing (BSN)?

    Naturally, the first place a nursing graduate may look to for employment is a hospital. It’s a large medical facility that is usually in constant need of nursing assistance, not to mention it’s equipped with an emergency room that may need to pull doctors, nurses and staff away from their department at any given moment. Working in the medical industry, you need to be prepared to handle almost anything, whether... Read More
  • What Memorial Day Means to FNU

    Sadly, Memorial Day might be looked at as just another holiday and a day off from work or school, for some people, but it’s so much more than that. Memorial Day is a federal holiday that honors all of the soldiers who fought and died while serving in the armed forces. Originally it was recognized as Decoration Day after the American Civil War in 1868 when a group of veterans... Read More
  • Flexible MBA Program for Professionals in Miami

    The city of Miami is a thriving metropolitan area with a growing rate of employment. According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment in the Miami area was reported at 2,483,400 in September 2015—up 2.3% from the previous year, and this doesn’t include farming jobs. The Bureau further reported that “in the Miami metropolitan area, the professional and business services supersector had the largest... Read More
  • Reasons You Should Plan to Enroll in the Summer Courses Now

    Going to college in Miami, Florida may certainly have its temptations of not studying during the summer months. With all of the attractions like Miami Beach, Key West, Walt Disney World, and the multi-cultural fusion of art and food, it may be quite tempting to take the summer off and enjoy all of what South Florida has to offer. You are certainly most entitled to do so! After all, you’ve... Read More
  • South Florida Careers for those with a Criminal Justice Degree

    Most students might assume that in order to earn a career in criminal justice, they will be required to go through an extensive period of schooling. That actually all depends on the type of job you’re looking for. If you want to be a criminal lawyer, then you should prepare yourself for a long career as a student. However, if you’re considering a position in the criminal justice sector that’s... Read More
  • Benefits of Earning an Online Degree While Working Full-Time

    Acquiring an education is mandatory if you want to land a decent paying job. There may be some exceptions, but it’s rare—very rare, and it’s not recommended to gamble on it. Companies and corporations will overlook a resume that has no college education as fast as they picked it up. With so many colleges and universities throughout the United States—approximately 5,300 according to The Washington Post, pursuing a higher education... Read More