• 8 Myths About Online Learning, Debunked

    When distance learning was first introduced, it was met with a lot of negative feedback. Many did not understand the value of education taught so differently from traditional learning within confines of a classroom. However, that did not stop distance learning from successfully becoming a large part of today’s educational sector. Today’s online learning is not what it was when it was first introduced. Let’s see what is fact or... Read More
  • FNU’s Course Selection Strategies for Undeclared Students

    It returns: another semester and you have not yet determined your major. Don’t be embarrassed or frustrated—deciding what to study can determine your life’s path; that mean’s that it is a big decision! Still, entering college or even another semester as an undeclared student can prove to be far from reassuring for many students in this position. While, realistically, students should declare a major as soon as possible, this is... Read More
  • The 9 Most Unexpected Scholarships Available

    The 9 Most Unexpected Scholarships Available One thing all students need to realize is that there are scholarships out there—and there are a lot of them! In a less-than-thriving economy, many students cannot afford to forgo applying to scholarship opportunities. Whether discovered through Florida National University or through an unaffiliated organization, each scholarship makes a difference toward a student’s ability to pay for their education. Don’t think you have what... Read More
  • College Sports Offseason: Tips for Staying Fit

    College athletes tend to spend several hours in the gym, on the field, and in gear throughout the season. With so many practices, games (and maybe even championships) to participate in, athletes can easily feel drained and exhausted by the end of the semester. This feeling, however, introduces a problem: after exercising and playing a particular sport for an entire season, many students put their athleticism on hold until the... Read More
  • The Best Textbook Rental & Purchasing Apps

    It’s safe to say that today’s students can vouch for the fact that technology is transforming the educational system. That is true in many avenues of education—from the way students learn, to the materials professors use. As it turns out, even the simple, everyday textbook is no stranger to this shift in technology. Today’s students can also vouch for the large sum they spend on textbooks each semester. Because many... Read More
  • 10 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Starting College

    Beginning the journey toward new, great adventures never seems to come without fear. The risk of trying to be successful at something new mingles with the pressure to do well, fit in, and feel comfortable—it’s no wonder that many college freshman feel nervous about starting their first year! Here is a collection of the fears freshman face, and the solutions to overcoming these battles! 1. Bad Roommate The fear of... Read More
  • Meet Beth Sullivan U.S. Service Member and FNU Online Learning Student

    When working for a University as an administrator, it is sometimes difficult to get to know every student on a one-to-one basis. Especially if that student is an online (or distance learning) student and he or she is in the military. Well, we are able to catch up with one such student who earned her degree from Florida National University wholly online. Please take a moment to read about First... Read More
  • Tips for Coping with Job Interview Rejection

    Are you afraid of job interview rejection? Although it hurts to hear that you weren’t accepted for a position, you will inevitably face this reality throughout your career. Seasoned professionals tend to fare better when it comes to job interview rejection because they are able to comprehend it from an objective perspective. Nonetheless, job hunting is a tough endeavor and it can become even more discouraging in today’s economic climate.... Read More
  • Florida National University Holds Pinning Ceremony for Its Respiratory Therapy Graduating Class

      On Wednesday, August 20th, 2014, Florida National University’s Respiratory Therapy Department hosted the pinning ceremony for graduating class number 8. The ceremony took place in the Hialeah Campus of Florida National University (FNU). Three members of the graduating class were also inducted into The Lambda Beta Society: The National Honor Society for the Profession of Respiratory Care. Once a year someone who renders great service to the profession is... Read More
  • College Prep for High School Athletes

    It is an exhilarating feeling: the excitement and humidity of a high school gym, filled with screaming fans. School spirit runs high as the scoreboard clock races through the last four seconds of the game. The senior team captain shoots the ball from the three-point line, boosting your team’s score over the rival’s by a single point. While this memorable moment might seem like an astounding accomplishment, it is crucial... Read More