• Guide to Attending a University in South Florida as An International Student

    The United States (US) is a vast country, and every state is uniquely different in terms of its history, culture, climate, and economy. International students who select South Florida as the location to attend college usually do it for a couple of reasons: the university and the location. Depending on where you’re from, location might be a top priority to you. For instance, if you are from South America, then... Read More
  • Can You Really Work Full Time and Earn a University Degree?

      Anything is possible! To answer your question clearly, yes! It’s absolutely possible to earn a college degree while working full-time. The real question is “How do you do it?” Rising to the Challenge There is no one way to navigate your college workload because everybody’s lifestyle and work schedule is different. There are a lot of variables in determining whether your particular situation will make it possible to earn... Read More
  • Meet Annierys Fernandez Diaz…

    Meet Annierys Fernandez Diaz… Longing for freedom, Annierys Fernandez Diaz left her native country, Cuba, one year and one month ago. She had a strong desire to reunite with her mother and live in the USA, the land of the free and opportunity! Motivated and filled with eagerness, Annierys researched and explored where she could pursue her educational dream. Despite not being proficient in the English language, Annierys did not... Read More
  • Seminars and Finger Print Schedule for April 2017

    Seminars Date Location Time Fee FDLE April 3rd 2017 Hialeah Campus Nursing students 9:30 am $43 AHCA April 3rd 2017 Hialeah Campus Nursing students 9:30 am $90 CPR April 7th 2017 Hialeah campus 9:00 am to 11:00 am $25 HIV-OSHA April 7th 2017 Hialeah Campus 11:15 am to 12:15 pm $25 Domestic Violence April 7th 2017 Hialeah campus 12:15 pm to 1:40 pm $25 Prevention Medical Errors April 7th 2017... Read More
  • What’s the Best School to Get a Medical Assistant Degree in Miami

      If you’re looking for the right college to earn a degree as a Medical Assistant in the Miami area, then you need to find a regionally accredited university that will allow you to get the most out of each college course. While larger universities might be an option, Florida National University (FNU) urges you to explore all of the universities the South Florida area offers. The city of Miami... Read More
  • Criminal Justice Grad finds Career Clarity at FNU

    Studying full-time while still climbing up the corporate ladder is not a career route that just anyone has the mental fortitude to take. Recent FNU Graduate Giomar Hernandez embraced the adversity and found success, even when changing his field of study halfway through. Entering FNU as a Radiology major in 2013, Giomar was working at the Airport in what he described as a menial position. But once he was able... Read More
  • FNU Grad Publishes his first Novel!

    Meet Anibal Anaya… Anibal is a proud Florida National University (FNU) Business Administration Alumnus, and author of “Familias Prestadas.” He recently visited FNU to share the great, hot off the press, news of the publication of his first book! Familias Prestadas is a novel about a young man by the name of “Mario”, who despite being abandoned by his parents, and not having much luck in life, still believes in... Read More
  • Where to Earn a Continuing Education Program Diploma or Certificate in South Florida

      Living in the South Florida area, the sun is always shining and the weather offers a balmy, tropical breeze of salty ocean air that lulls vacationers into a restful peace of mind. As one of the top states vacationers flock to, it might be a it bit unsettling to understand how one could commit to burying themselves in college textbooks, but that’s exactly what millions of students do! Did... Read More
  • FNU Dental Grad Returns After Almost Three Decades

    One of life’s most peculiar occurrences is how we get taken full-circle, back to our beginnings. As is the case for Ricardo Sanchez, an FNU graduate who has been a proud Conquistador for almost 3 decades. The Ecuadorian native enrolled at what was then Florida National College in 1989, just a few years after our founding. With aspirations of being a Dental Technician, Ricardo graduated 3 years later with his... Read More
  • Aprende Ingles Como Segunda Lengua En Linea!

    Deja que hoy sea el dia en que des el primer paso para mejorar tu futuro! Con cursos interactivos y profesores practicos, el programa en linea de ESL (Ingles como segunda lengua) de Florida National University aprenderas como hablar, escuchar, leer y escribir ingles en tu propio tiempo! Contactanos hoy! Classes comienzan el 1 de Mayo! Haga click aqui para mas informacion