• Men’s Basketball Team Celebrates Senior Night

    This past weekend starting on Friday was senior night at Florida National University (FNU). The seniors were honored at halftime as FNU men's basketball team what's that the apprentice school out of Newport News Virginia a team they lost to in the MLK classic. At half time the conquistadors were trailing 30to 34. By the time the second half of the game had started the Conquistadors ran off 20 unanswered... Read More
  • FNU Graduate Plays Basketball Around the World

    Each one of our students and alumni follow a different path that leads them to success. For FNU Graduate and basketball player Aldor Kola, that path has taken him around the world. Aldor is originally from Albania, but migrated to the US at age 12. His dreams of playing basketball professionally and getting a quality education led him to FNU, where he studied for 2 years and finished with a... Read More
  • What to Look for in an Ultrasound Technician or Medical Sonographer Program in Miami

    Sonography is synonymous with 3D images of the fetus, but in reality, it is a highly skilled and specialized group of individuals within the imaging profession. Sonographers are highly trained individuals which must have a solid, diverse education. Sonography today is part of a mainstream in diagnostic testing within the healthcare profession as part of the imaging sciences. It is widely used today by physicians and physical therapists because it... Read More
  • How Building Your Personal Brand Can Help You Get a Job Before Graduating

    In the fluid market of buying and selling, everything is for sale, including you! Wait, Not So Fast! You may not want to look at it that way, but if you adjust your thinking as a business owner whose looking to hire an employee to help his or her business along, you must realize the salary that employer is willing to pay for an employee is for an exchange for... Read More
  • Hispanic STEM Awareness Day

    A fabulous day celebrating the dreams and ambitions of Hispanic students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Exhibitors, speakers, and more. Miami High, 2450 SE 1st St., Miami, FL 33135 Saturday, Feb 18th - 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Sponsored by the Brinker Education Initiative
  • Florida University with Excellent Benefits for Veterans in Miami

    If you are serving in the military or are on reserve and looking for a university in Miami, Florida, consider Florida National University (FNU), a regionally accredited college with two campus locations in the South Florida area that you can attend. We know that with your GI Bill, you have the opportunity to enroll in any university you want. With that kind of a broad decision, you may quickly discover... Read More
  • Florida National University Dental Technician Alumnus, Mr. Douglas Conrado, visits FNU and shares his story!

    Douglas Conrado visited Florida National University (FNU), with a big smile on his face, reminisced, and shared his personal story of his journey from a Dental Technician student to being the owner of a dental clinic! Back in 1983, Douglas was working as a maintenance man at a local shopping center. His maintenance job consisted performing the general maintenance, and all of the repairs of the shopping center, including painting,... Read More
  • You Are What You Eat: How Your Diet Can Help You Succeed in School

    Some of us may have been trained since pre-school that “You are what you eat.” For most, it’s just a phrase—something memorized so early on in life, that we really didn’t give it much thought to what it actually meant—very much like a nursery rhyme or some catchy commercial tune that’s subconsciously embedded in our heads. You are what you eat. What exactly does that mean? Whatever you eat, your... Read More
  • FNU SGA President uses Philanthropic Passion to Organize Charitable 5K

    Philanthropy is one of the principles which Florida National University (FNU) is built upon. Our founder, Dr. Jose Regueiro, was passionate about giving back to those less fortunate and enriching the community through charity. We carry that legacy with us every day, through all our endeavors. The most recent display is the upcoming 5K Running for Smiles, benefiting the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, with proceeds directly affecting children with cancer. The... Read More
  • Why You Should Establish Working Relationships with Your University Professors

    Professors are the very foundation of your education. Without someone to teach you about the subject you’re interested in, how can you be expected to successfully work in it? The professors at Florida National University (FNU) have years of experience working in their area of expertise and want to help aspiring students just like you realize their dreams of working in their dream job. Getting the Most Out of Your... Read More