• Coming Soon in the Fall of 2017

    Women Soccer is Here! Baseball is Here!   January 2017 The members of the board at Florida National University have approved the addition of two new sports for the FALL of 2017 to the athletic department. Florida National University in the FALL of 2017 will begin play in both Women's Soccer and Baseball. A nation wide search will begin right away for both coaches and players. GO CONQUISTADORS !
  • Degrees or Certifications in the Medical Field with High Job Prospects in Miami

    Pursuing a career in the medical field doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to become a doctor. For those who have a desire to work in the healthcare field, but do not want the demanding hours that a certified physician has, other options are available that don’t require as much school time, nor does it require the amount of finances. All the same, these professions turn out to be just... Read More
  • Reasons to Become a Physical Therapy Assistant in South Florida

    As an aspiring college student, you are tasked with the responsibility of deciding which subject to major in. A decision such as this shouldn’t be taken lightly, because it’s not just about learning an academic subject, it’s about applying what you’ve learned to real-life scenarios. What Physical Therapist Assistants Do The job of a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) plays a key role in helping patients rehabilitate. Patients need the help... Read More

    Women's Volleyball Tryouts January 29th, 2017 1PM-3PM Bucky Dent Gym - 2240 W 60th Street Hialeah, FL 33012 Please have the following sent to chuaroto@fnu.edu: 1) Short highlight film of you playing in a match 2) Proof of Insurance   If under 18, please come with a parent or guardian as they need to sign a release upon arrival. Failure to do so will result in you NOT being allowed... Read More
  • Welcoming 2017!

    As hard as it is to believe, 2016 is over. The past 365 days here at Florida National University (FNU) were highlighted by growth, success and the constant movement of our community. But now that it's over, we can humbly, yet proudly look back and declare that this was our most fruitful year to date. Our blossoming Athletics department had us thrilled to the edge of our seats with the... Read More
  • Things to Consider If You Want to Get Your Bachelor’s in Psychology

    If you have the desire to help people as a career, then the area of social work might very well be your area of expertise. And as human nature has it, most people do. Not all, but a good number of them. That might be why Psychology tends to be one of the more popular choices to major in. Discussing the subject of Psychology comes with great prestige and intellect.... Read More
  • 5K Running for Smiles 01/15/17

    Presented by Florida National University, Florida National University's Student Government and the Miami Children's Miracle Network The First Annual 5K Running for Smiles, benefiting the Nicklaus Children's Hospital! Sunday, January 15th, 2017 6AM - 12PM Doral Central Park - 3000 NW 87th Ave The event will feature live music, entertainment and prizes! Come run and support a great cause! Tickets will be $39 and can be purchased at FNU's Student... Read More
  • Best College Degrees to Start in 2017 in South Florida

    If you currently live or plan to live in the South Florida area, then it helps to be strategic about the type of career you want to pursue. For instance, aspiring actresses may move to California or New York in hopes of becoming an accomplished movie or television star. Likewise, it’s important to understand what kinds of jobs are thriving in the South Florida area so that you can focus... Read More
  • 6 Ways to Pay For College You’ve Never Heard Of Before

    Get a Job Well, this might be a novel idea, getting a job while going to school. Many students do it, and it’s becoming more of the norm these days thanks to how technology has made things more accessible. Working students can take college courses online and this eliminates the responsibility of having to stick to an academic schedule and the hassle of driving through traffic! While online college courses... Read More
  • FNU Student Finds Success Amidst Adversity

    For current FNU student Rosa Alina Chirino, the decision to migrate to this country was charged by aspirations of creating a greater future, regardless of the inevitable adversity. Rosa Alina came from Cuba in February of 2016 with limited resources but an abundance of hope. After seeing an ad for FNU on TV, she called right away and immediately began the enrollment process in our South Campus. In May, having... Read More