• PTA Information Sessions

    February 26 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 pm - Hialeah Campus The Physical Therapy is having the following information session in the Hialeah Campus from 10:00 am -11:00am Room 406
  • FNU’s University Preparation Course

    Free - February 8 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Hialeah Campus College is hard. FNU makes it easy. Learn: Writing skills, Study skills, College Prep. tips, career planning, research technique and scholarships and Financial Aid.
  • 3 Reasons Why Georgia Residents Should Consider a Career in Criminal Justice in Florida

    South Florida is the perfect place for Georgia residents! If you’re looking to further your college education as well as gain some distance between home and school, consider pursuing a degree in Florida. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in the criminal justice field are on the rise by approximately 2.3%. Furthermore, the state of Florida ranks 3rd for its high population of employment in this field with... Read More
  • Healthcare Careers That Don’t Require a 4-Year College Degree

      If there was ever an industry that can almost guarantee a constant need for job placement, it’s the health care sector. Good health is always in top demand and so, there are many healthcare needs where physicians require a team of departments to work together in order to carry out the best medical care for their patients. What this means is that not every job in the health care... Read More
  • How Business Administration Degrees Can Apply to Any Industry

    Are you currently undecided on which major to pursue? You may want to consider pursing a degree in business administration. If your intention is simply graduating with a bachelor’s degree, enrolling for classes that constitute the study requirements for an associate degree in business administration can serve as a good foundation for undecided students. For those who have decided that a degree in business administration is what they want to... Read More
  • Lady Conquistadors Add Local Talent

    Florida National University volleyball coach Carlos Huaroto-Luque has announced the latest addition of his 2016 recruiting class in Melissa Helphrey. Melissa comes to the Lady Conquistadors from Coral Shores High School in Tavernier, FL and also played for Miami Elite and MVA volleyball club. During her time at Coral Shores, she led the county in kills, aces, and digs which routed her in being named the Monroe County Player of... Read More
  • 3 Nursing Secrets You Won’t Learn in School

      If you are looking for a profession in nursing, the only solution is to go to school and learn everything possible about this line of work. Yet, with all of the hours committed to studying and late hours of clinical work, there are still some nuggets of wisdom that isn’t always taught or found in your textbooks. Here are a few nursing secrets that you just won’t learn in... Read More
  • How Your Student Life in South Florida Will Be Unique

    Deciding where one wants to go to college is the same as choosing where one wants to live for the next four to five years. It is a decision that should not be taken lightly. It is important to research which school will be the best fit for a student according to what area of interest appeals to him or her. Proximity is a huge factor because students have been... Read More
  • 6 Tips for Students Enrolled in New Language Courses in South Florida

    If there were ever a place in the United States to learn English as a second language, South Florida is it! Thanks to the huge contribution of technology, the world has become a small global village fusing into a melting pot of diverse customs and cultures. However, there is one aspect of every culture that remains constant: language. Having the skillset of being bi-lingual is a huge asset for job... Read More
  • What Martin Luther King Jr. Accomplished for Minorities

    According to CBS News, 44% of the United States (US) population is part of the minority race. They further reported their findings referencing the US Census Report that 50% of Americans under the age of five are minorities. Ten years ago, that wasn’t the case. Then, only 33% represented the minority race. Historically speaking, non-minorities have made up approximately 80-90% of the US population. Many events can be attributed to... Read More