• How to Pass Every College or University Exam That You Take

    Tip #1: Take good notes. This may be easier said than done. Whether you’re taking notes by hand or on your laptop/mobile device, once you start trying to capture everything your professor is lecturing, things can get pretty crazy. The Challenge of Taking Notes The truth is not everyone is good at transcribing notes. Maybe the professor talks too fast or too slow. Maybe the material that’s being taught is... Read More
  • Job Fair pairs FNU Alumni with Dream Career

    One’s strength and mental fortitude will always be questioned in the path to success. FNU Alumni Noralina Almora is a testament to the perseverance and commitment that makes our students great. Noralina, 27, came to this country from her native Cuba at 9 years old. After finishing high school, she completed her pre-requisites at Miami-Dade College before enrolling at FNU. In 2011, Noralina graduated FNU with an Associate’s Degree from... Read More
  • Online Health Services Administration (HSA) Master’s Program in South Florida

    South Florida is one of the areas in the United States with a growing population whether it’s from people migrating to the area to enjoy the tropical weather, or international students coming into the states to get an education, one thing is certain, the South Florida region—Miami in particular, is one of the most populated cities in the state. With an increase in area population, commerce is soon to follow.... Read More
  • Where to Get a Bachelor’s in Psychology 100% Online

    Psychology is one of the top degree programs that students typically choose as a major. As a result, you’re not going to have much trouble finding a list of online degrees for this. This can be a good and bad thing. On one hand, you’ll have a long list of universities to select from. This, you’ll have a long list of universities to review. THIS can be a tedious and... Read More
  • Getting a Job as a Paralegal in South Florida

    If you’ve always been intrigued with the law and have considered pursuing a career in the legal field, one of the ways to get started is to enroll in an Associate’s Program in Paralegal Studies. You can go online and find a long list of paralegal programs, but ideally, one will stand out from the rest. The challenge is finding that perfect program. When you’re living in the South Florida... Read More
  • How Long is a Paralegal Studies Degree Program in Miami?

    If you have the desire to work in law, earning an associate’s degree in paralegal studies is a great way to start working towards that career goal. What Students Usually Assume About Working in Law You don’t necessarily have to go to law school in order to work in the legal field. Many students may not have the desire to become a lawyer. To become a working attorney, you will... Read More
  • FNU Awarded with Two Prestigious Honors

    As the end of the calendar year approaches, Florida National University (FNU) is being recognized for its standard of excellence in academics, community efforts and military endeavors. FNU has been named a Top School in Military Advanced Education & Transition's 2017 Guide to Colleges and Universities. At FNU, we strive to support our nation's military and show our appreciation for their service in protecting our freedom and liberty. When asked... Read More
  • Conquistador Student-Athletes Awarded at USCAA Banquet

    Florida National University's (FNU) Athletics Department has created a significant amount of buzz in the national spectrum this year, quickly rising to the top of their conference and silencing any doubters. Both our Women's Volleyball team and Men's Soccer team are currently in Virginia Beach, VA battling for USCAA supremacy. After a season filled with both successes and adversities, our athletes and their coaches were rewarded with a night to... Read More
  • NCLEX Review – Professional Nurse Remedial Course Open House 11/19/16

    Florida National University (FNU) is holding an open house to introduce the Professional Nurse Remedial Course! The event takes place on Saturday, November 19th at 10AM at FNU's South Campus. Join us for an informative session and learn about this exciting new opportunity for prospective Nurses! This course is designed for nursing students who failed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) three or more times or foreign Nursing students who... Read More
  • Benefits of Attending a College with a High School Dual-Enrollment Program in Miami

    It’s never too late to get an early start on your college education. While some students might think that enrolling in the Summer semester as soon as they graduate high school is early, there is also another opportunity to start sooner than that—while you’re still in high school! Florida National University (FNU) has arranged it so that you can get college experience as a high school student from an accredited... Read More