• New to the Blogosphere!

    It is a great pleasure to be part of this blogosphere and provide you all with some tips and information from my own academic experience that you may find useful and help you avoid common mistakes that students make while attending higher education institutions. Why “ aperpetualstudent”? Well, for several reasons including a firm belief in constant learning and education; I have been a higher education student for many years.... Read More
  • Campus Voices

    I'm proud to announce a new ally in the FNU blogosphere: "aperpetualstudent". In an effort to keep our blog content fresh, innovative, and relevant to our students, a fellow blogger (and FNU student) will be contributing to the FNU Student Services blog. Our new blogger looks forward to your questions and comments, so stay tuned (i.e. subscribe to the blog) for posts from a student perspective. I would also like... Read More
  • Student Applause Winner Jesus Diaz

    The Student Applause Award was first introduced in June 2008(http://fncstudentservices.wordpress.com/2008/06/11/introducing-the-student-applause-award/). Although the majority of our students are still learning about this recognition opportunity, one South Campus teacher inspired reams of support from his students. Yes, I mean that literally . . . well almost. We received quite an impressive stack of nominations for Mr. Diaz, ESL instrutor at the South Campus. However, as per our selection criteria, it was not... Read More
  • Winner of the Student Handbook Scavenger Hunt

    [The Office of Student services delayed the publication of this story, hoping the Hialeah winner would stop by to collect the prize. Since the individual has failed to return our calls, a new winner will be drawn.] Halloween Scavenger Hunt Throughout the month of October, the student services department ran a fun activity for the student body in the Training Center, Hialeah, and South Campus. The Halloween Scavenger Hunt encouraged... Read More
  • Defining Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving. If we approach the word from the perspective of Virginia Woolf, we could talk about the connotations and denotation of a word so steeped with tradition that it has expanded far beyond the borders of simple definition. What images come to your mind when you hear the word Thanksgiving: food, family, parades, anticipated sales events? Do you envision pilgrims and the Mayflower of 1621, or the relief of a... Read More
  • Una Definicion para “Thanksgiving”

    "Thanksgiving" (Accion de dar Gracias/Accion de Gracias). Si nos aproximamos a la palabra desde la perspectiva de Virginia Woolf, podriamos hablar de las connotaciones y denotacion de una palabra tan impregnada de tradicion que se ha expandido muy por encima de las fronteras de la simple definicion. Que imagenes vienen a su mente cuando oye la palabra "Dar Gracias": comida, familia, desfiles, eventos de ventas anticipadas? Puede usted ver los... Read More
  • Job Fair

  • Free Seminar Thursdays

    If you’ve taken a moment to peruse the activities calendar, you may have noticed a number of seminars scheduled throughout the fall semester. These seminars were created to contribute to the cultural, social, professional and intellectual development of our students here at FNU. There is no charge for attending these seminars, simply register in advance with the Office of Student Services. Some of the seminars offered include: “How to Get... Read More
  • Welcome Back Students!

    The Office of Student Services is thrilled that you’ve taken the time to check out the FNU Blog . Blogging is the fastest and easiest way for Student Services to keep you abreast of current events and information. Let me show you around. You will notice a number of tabs at the top of the blog. Each tab will lead you to further information: On the ‘About Student Services’ page... Read More
  • Congratulations Jose Regueiro Scholarship Winner!

    The Office of Student Services would like to congratulate Patricio J. Estupinan from South Miami Senior High School, recipient of the Jose Regueiro Scholarship. The scholarship will cover the complete tuition cost of any A.A. or A.S. program here at FNU. Estupinan graduated from his class with a 3.5 GPA and participated in a number of co-curricular activities including the Spanish Honor and Spanish Spirit Societies. Mr. Estupinan was awarded... Read More