• 6 Tips for Students Enrolled in New Language Courses in South Florida

    If there were ever a place in the United States to learn English as a second language, South Florida is it! Thanks to the huge contribution of technology, the world has become a small global village fusing into a melting pot of diverse customs and cultures. However, there is one aspect of every culture that remains constant: language. Having the skillset of being bi-lingual is a huge asset for job... Read More
  • What Martin Luther King Jr. Accomplished for Minorities

    According to CBS News, 44% of the United States (US) population is part of the minority race. They further reported their findings referencing the US Census Report that 50% of Americans under the age of five are minorities. Ten years ago, that wasn’t the case. Then, only 33% represented the minority race. Historically speaking, non-minorities have made up approximately 80-90% of the US population. Many events can be attributed to... Read More
  • Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle Around Exams

    There’s no doubt about it, college life will have its challenges. While there is the fun and excitement of becoming independent and experiencing a new lifestyle, once the ‘newness’ of it all wears down, students are then faced with the reality that is college life. This means meeting deadlines and lots of studying and juggling an exceptional amount of work. In other words, playtime is over. It’s time to get... Read More
  • Top 6 Activities Around FNU

    As a student, it’s easy to get bogged down with the responsibility of completing homework assignments and meeting the expectations of extra-curricular activities. There’s not doubt about it, college life is challenging. However, in the midst of studying for exams, one will always find some down time. It may not seem that way in the beginning, especially when your professor first hands you the syllabus for the semester, but trust... Read More
  • Social Networking Dangers in South Florida Colleges

    Today, the most informal and ironically personal way to connect with a person is through the use of social media. The phenomena of social media started with MySpace in August 2003. It was used as a casual platform for people to be the star of their own webpage, and then it evolved into a way for users to communicate with one another, and even meet new people in real life.... Read More
  • Let’s come together as One Voice and One Community to Eradicate Human Trafficking

    By: Dr. Maria Cristina Regueiro, President and CEO of Florida National University Human Trafficking is indeed a malady that is affecting not only Florida, but our entire world. More often than not, our news media outlets are constantly reporting that young girls and in several instances boys, are being trafficked, meaning bought, sold, and traded in a heartbeat. How can this continue to happen in the 21st Century? No one... Read More
  • Human Trafficking Walk January 29, 2016

  • Why Take Your Accounting Classes Online

    There’s a lot of back and forth about online studies. Some may argue that employers don’t appreciate applicants who earn their degree online, that an in-classroom experience is much more recognized and appreciated, and that this is what job seekers are looking for. Others may counter that pursuing online studies is just as demanding and informative as being in the classroom, therefore it should not be looked at as some... Read More
  • Conquistadors Stay Hot with Rout of Warriors

    The Conquistador Men’s Basketball team won their 4th game in a row, thrashing Webber 82-63. After pulling out a close game against Florida Memorial 73-72 and blowing past Dickinson State 105-72, the Conquistadors have found their rhythm. In the game against Webber the Conquistadors were without their starting point guard Quantavis Hall and Senior shooting guard Regan O’ Rourke responded by scoring 20 points and adding 10 assist. He shot... Read More
  • Real Benefits Behind Becoming Involved in School Activities

    It can be said that non-traditional students that work and attend school, and even those who are juggling the responsibilities of an academic life while trying to raise a family, find it challenging to maintain their daily lifestyle. These days, getting a college degree is just the starting point to landing a successful career. As admirable, rewarding, and gratifying attaining a college degree is, nowadays, one must do more than... Read More