• Explore Careers Opportunities in Criminal Justice and the Legal Profession

    Careers in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies offer both financial opportunity and the option to pursue a field that fits your personality. A degree in Criminal Justice or Legal Studies opens doors to a wide range of careers, including: Fraud Investigation, Law Enforcement, Security, and Paralegal. The variety of jobs allows this field to fit many personalities and life goals. An expert in criminal justice and the legal field and... Read More
  • A Little Girl’s Holiday Wish Comes True

    During this holiday season, Florida National University (FNU) participated in the Adopt A Classroom Toy Drive. The objective was to provide toys to young children from low income families. This year, Florida National University adopted a preschool classroom at Centro Mater West Child Care located in Hialeah Gardens, Florida. FNU’s Student Services asked each department to donate two toys. One toy was for a girl and the other was for... Read More
  • Rostros de nuestra ciudad: María Cristina Regueiro

    woman poses with older woman smiling
  • An Interview with Yusnier Gutierrez, FNU Graduate

      Mr. Yusnier Gutierrez recently graduated from Florida National University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. In this interview, he shares his goals, dreams, aspirations and what drives him to succeed. Tell us a little bit about yourself? Well there are many things I can say about myself. I was born in Havana, Cuba, and came to this country when I was 7 years old. Presently, I am... Read More
  • Join the Growing Healthcare Field as a Dental Technician

    The healthcare field is experiencing rapid growth. Even as the country suffers through a recession, jobs in healthcare continue to multiply. A medical or dental path is a secure choice for schooling, with a high probability of employment. A highly rewarding and less mainstream dental profession is that of a dental technician.   What is a Dental Technician The American Dental Association (ADA) refers to the field of dental technicians... Read More
  • The Value of an MBA

    The decision to enroll in an MBA program is complicated. One must weigh the pros and cons, the costs versus benefits. Would you have to relocate or leave your present job? Do MBA degrees online hold any clout in the business market? Will earning the degree make you more money? Academia is flooded with MBA courses, options, specialties, locations, and even modes of delivery. The cost and time investment is... Read More
  • This Thanksgiving Day Tweet Us The Things You Are Thankful For

    [caption id="attachment_7047" align="alignleft" width="655"] The Turkey Wall - FNU's South Campus[/caption]     Thanksgiving Day is a day set aside to give thanks for the things we are grateful for. It is a day we celebrate with family, friends and neighbors. We share our food and our homes with those who are near and dear to us. Also, we take time to reflect on how fortunate we are to have... Read More
  • Tips for Writing College Admissions Essays

    Picking a college is a rite of passage for prospective students. There is excitement, anticipation, concern, and great expectations. Whether it is close to home, in a different state, with friends, or independently – students look at what colleges have to offer them, their interests, and their future goals. No matter the college chosen, all students have a common challenge they have to conquer - the college admissions essay.  ... Read More
  • Sailor Earns His Degree While Serving His Country

    I’ve been in the U.S. Navy for 14 years stationed in San Diego, and I am a distance learning student with Florida National University (FNU). I have been taking courses online since early 2011; and I recently earned an Associates of Art degree in Criminal Justice (CJ). Currently, I’m working on my Bachelor of Science in CJ. I’d like to express what a positive and beneficial pleasure it’s been to... Read More
  • Dr. Ana Gloria Mora Conducts Lecture at Florida National University

      [caption id="attachment_6935" align="aligncenter" width="573"] Dr Mora (center) with FNU Faculty and Staff[/caption]   As an Academic Advisor and professional in the field of psychology, I know the importance of having proper ethics within the public health field.   It is the concern of every Florida National University professor that their students learn how to properly conduct themselves in the practice of their careers. It is why Professor Lammoglia and... Read More