• 6 Ways to Pay For College You’ve Never Heard Of Before

    Get a Job Well, this might be a novel idea, getting a job while going to school. Many students do it, and it’s becoming more of the norm these days thanks to how technology has made things more accessible. Working students can take college courses online and this eliminates the responsibility of having to stick to an academic schedule and the hassle of driving through traffic! While online college courses... Read More
  • FNU Student Finds Success Amidst Adversity

    For current FNU student Rosa Alina Chirino, the decision to migrate to this country was charged by aspirations of creating a greater future, regardless of the inevitable adversity. Rosa Alina came from Cuba in February of 2016 with limited resources but an abundance of hope. After seeing an ad for FNU on TV, she called right away and immediately began the enrollment process in our South Campus. In May, having... Read More
  • Fastest Way to Improve Your English at a University in Miami

    Learning another language often means more than just taking classes, although it helps a lot. Taking classes may be considered the basics to get you started learning the fundamentals. One shouldn’t expect to become fluent in English just from taking a few classes, it takes applying what you’ve learned. Just like your own native tongue, it takes years of practice and engaging in conversations to master a language. If your... Read More
  • End of the year Men’s Soccer Dinner

    Men's Soccer Team Dinner On Friday December 9, 2016 the men's soccer team held their end of the year team dinner and came together to commemorate the players that were picked for the All Tournament team and the All American team. We came together this day to celebrate the holidays, friendship, our success and struggles on and off the field for this past season. The dinner took a life of... Read More
  • How to Pass Every College or University Exam That You Take

    Tip #1: Take good notes. This may be easier said than done. Whether you’re taking notes by hand or on your laptop/mobile device, once you start trying to capture everything your professor is lecturing, things can get pretty crazy. The Challenge of Taking Notes The truth is not everyone is good at transcribing notes. Maybe the professor talks too fast or too slow. Maybe the material that’s being taught is... Read More
  • Job Fair pairs FNU Alumni with Dream Career

    One’s strength and mental fortitude will always be questioned in the path to success. FNU Alumni Noralina Almora is a testament to the perseverance and commitment that makes our students great. Noralina, 27, came to this country from her native Cuba at 9 years old. After finishing high school, she completed her pre-requisites at Miami-Dade College before enrolling at FNU. In 2011, Noralina graduated FNU with an Associate’s Degree from... Read More
  • Online Health Services Administration (HSA) Master’s Program in South Florida

    South Florida is one of the areas in the United States with a growing population whether it’s from people migrating to the area to enjoy the tropical weather, or international students coming into the states to get an education, one thing is certain, the South Florida region—Miami in particular, is one of the most populated cities in the state. With an increase in area population, commerce is soon to follow.... Read More
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