• How Certificate Programs Enhance Resumes

    Certification programs are a great way to learn more about a specific field or skill set that, in turn, can enhance your résumé by making you more competitive and increasing your eligibility for more opportunities. In addition, people also consider certification programs as an alternative or supplement to graduate school. Regardless of what specialization you’re interested in, certification programs encompass the following elements: What Are Certification Programs? A more condensed... Read More
  • One Year Online MBA Program for International Students

    Don't let your inability to leave your home country dissuade you from obtaining an MBA. You can still obtain the advantages of being a U.S. business school student from the comfort of your own home, where you will be exposed to the latest business practices, research and theories from experts in the field. Ultimately, holding an international MBA from an accredited American institution will transform your career and present you... Read More
  • What International Students Should Look For When Choosing a University From the United States

    Attending college in the United States is becoming an increasingly popular choice among international students. According to a recent report by U.S. News, “the United States enrolled the highest number of international students in its history during the 2012-2013 school year, welcoming 819, 644 undergraduate and graduate students to colleges and universities across the country.” While a student’s reasons for wanting to attend college in the United States vary from... Read More
  • 5 Things Adults Must Know Before Going Back to College

    While the value of education doesn’t change at any age, there are certain considerations that must be taken into account before furthering your education as an adult. As a non-traditional student, you will be tasked with balancing your education along with the responsibilities you hold as an adult. Whether this is your first time pursuing higher education after high school, or your desire to pursue a degree in a different... Read More
  • Study Tips for Nursing Students

    In general, studying is an integral component for success throughout your pursuit of higher education, whether it's at the undergraduate or graduate level. Considering nursing programs are challenging and demanding at each tier, there are specific study tips that can enhance the outcomes of your educational attainment and, in turn, job prospects. Like most medical programs, nursing programs are very demanding because they require you to remember and apply everything... Read More
  • The Gift of Education

    Throughout our lives we receive many gifts. Some gifts can make us feel happy, some can make us feel grateful, and others, like the gift of education, can fill us with pride and make a huge impact in our lives. Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to study because I thought that it was the best option for a successful life, but after I finished high... Read More
  • National Accredited Nursing School in Miami, FL

    Nursing: A Stable, Respected, and In-Demand Career Choice We have all been in contact with nurses. Everyone, at some point, needs a nurse. This simple fact underscores two simple truths. Firstly, nursing is one of the most noble professions one can decide to join - and it can also be one of the most fulfilling. Secondly, because every person needs a nurse at various points in his or her life,... Read More
  • Scholarships for International MBA Students in the United States

    Scholarships for International MBA Students in the United States Have you always dreamed of pursuing an MBA in the United States but saw it as an unrealistic pursuit due to financial issues? While the truth of the matter is that an MBA is an expensive endeavor in the United States, there are options out there to help international students get their foot in the door without finances getting in the... Read More
  • 10 Myths About Online Courses Demystified by Real Professionals

    Over the years, online courses have become a popular option among first time college students and those going back to school to obtain professional degrees. In addition, there are colleges and universities that only offer online degrees. That said, online students come from all walks of life in which they work full or part time, live in a rural area where a traditional campus isn't convenient, or have to balance... Read More
  • Why Online Courses are Attractive to Working Adults

    Why Online Courses are Attractive to Working Adults. Contact FNU at 305-321-3333 for more information!
    If you are a working professional looking to gain an advantage in a competitive workforce, you know obtaining a higher education is a great way to advance your career and earning potential. If you’ve decided to pursue a degree, then you’ve made an empowering decision for your future. Choosing the right program, degree and field of study is as equally important, as is deciding whether a traditional or online education... Read More