• A Look at the Legal System: Courtroom Careers in South Florida

    Studying in a Legal Studies program prepares students for what is next in life—whether that is an entry-level career or law school. When that time comes, students will notice that there are many careers that require one to work closely with those who are involved directly in courtroom. Florida National University (FNU) decided to take a closer look at the roles of workers in the legal system. Court Reporter Court... Read More
  • Top 5 Reasons to Study Business Administration in South Florida

    America is an industrial nation built on the countless businesses that spring up across every industry on a daily basis. Businesses today have grown into monumental constructs of varying complexity that supply thousands of jobs to the country and world. Now more than ever, businesses are in need of skilled, well-educated, innovative leaders who understand the elaborate relationships that support the world of business. Business as a whole is a... Read More
  • Conquistadors hold try-outs for Men’s and Women’s soccer teams

    The Conquistadors are gearing up for an exciting year in athletics. In a few months, Florida National University will play their first competitive men’s and women’s soccer games. This past week the Conquistadors held a try-out for anyone interested in playing soccer. The turnout was amazing as almost 50 young men and women took part in drills and played in games. Coach Joao was please at the turnout. “It was... Read More
  • FNU Holds Missing Children’s Prevention Rally

  • The Benefits of Studying in a Radiologic Technology Program

    The world of medical care is constantly evolving. The methods and the technology used to treat patients improve significantly with each passing year. Accordingly, keeping up with these technological advances is no easy task. When the lives of hospital patients are on the line, it is crucial to have a trained professional who can operate and manage the function of updated machines. That is why radiologic technologists should receive up... Read More
  • Studying Education Online: A Rewarding Career Path

    Studying online can be a rewarding investment for an abundance of reasons. Florida National University (FNU) took a closer look at understanding the benefits of studying in this type of modality. FNU found the following information of the benefits regarding the implementation of an online education program: Online Programs Offer Flexibility There are several benefits to studying online. Most students experience increased flexibility when enrolled in online courses. Online courses... Read More
  • Florida National University Opens Its Doors to Colombian Students

    [caption id="attachment_14725" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Dr. Ernesto Gonzalez, FNU Business Department Head speaking to UTB students[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_14732" align="alignleft" width="150"] Universidad Technologica de Bolivar Campus[/caption] On May 14, 2015, Florida National University (FNU) representatives travelled to Universidad Technologica de Bolivar (UTB) in Cartagena, Colombia to form a collaboration between FNU and UTB for its Master in Business Administration program. The FNU team consisted of Dr. Caridad Hernandez, VP of Academic... Read More

  • Conquistadors sign two players to Volleyball scholarships

    The Conquistadors will play its inaugural women’s volleyball season in the fall and Coach James Exley has added two players who will be the foundation of the program. Local players, Melanie Torres and Annette Dominguez, both Hialeah Gardens High School graduates, are the first of many young ladies who will sign on the dotted lines to play women’s volleyball for the Conquistadors. Melanie will play outside hitter, but according to... Read More
  • Why Become a Respiratory Therapist?

    Many people aren’t familiar with the role that respiratory therapists play in the lives of patients each day. Like doctors, nurses, and other healthcare specialists, respiratory therapists work hard to ensure their patients understand the value of and practice of good health. Respiratory therapists specialize in the health for the respiratory system. As most know, this is the system that controls the human’s breathing—which is essential to the health and... Read More