• Can College Really Make You a Better Public Speaker and Team Worker?

    Most people have this phobia of talking in front of a large audience—or just talking to people! If you consider yourself one of those people and have aspirations of working as a successful professional, you will need to face your fears quickly in order to succeed. It can be said that many people have missed out on great opportunities just because they didn’t speak up. If this is you, don’... Read More
  • Associates Degree That Can Help Land an IT Job in Miami

    First, let’s define what an IT job is. IT stands for Information Technology. As we continue to advance in the technological industry, this becomes a very broad field of study. So quite naturally there will be different degree programs that focus on certain parts of the IT industry. But before we go in to what type of degree programs are offered, let’s discuss a little further what an IT job... Read More
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  • Ways FNU Helps Thank Veterans for Their Service

    Florida National University (FNU) honors veterans by offering them the opportunity to earn a college degree at a reduced rate. These reduced rates not only apply to military personnel, but also to their family members, and it doesn’t matter if the military workers are on active duty or on reserve. It’s also applicable to members of the National Guard and survivors and dependents who are receiving Chapter 33 and 35... Read More
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    “The mission of the Writing Studio is to provide writing benchmarks, guidelines, and support to all students and faculty across the disciplines. The Writing Studio is an integral part of the fulfillment of the institution’s Quality Enhancement Plan (FNU Cares).” GOALS: To produce better writers who will compose well-developed, well-structured, coherent To facilitate student engagement in the writing process and to improve writing skills through individual tutoring, paper reading, writing... Read More
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