• Top 3 Jobs for Health Services Administration Degree

    When choosing a degree, it is important to consider one’s career path and to understand the industry—this is a good way for prospective students to gauge their interest in a program and the possibility of a career in the future. Students who are considering entering the Health Services Administration field should inquire about the field and the jobs that go along with it. Here are Florida National University’s (FNU) top... Read More
  • Meet Ms. Luz Essraowi Recent MBA Graduate from Florida National University

    Where were you born? I was born in Puerto Rico, but I grew in Newark, New Jersey. Did you go to high school in Miami? If yes, which high school did you graduate from? Unfortunately, I was not able to go to High School due to family circumstances; however, I completed my GED in Olympic Heights in Boca Raton, Florida in 2006. You majored in business administration? Why did you... Read More
  • How to Ensure You Are an Asset and Not a Liability in the Workplace

    Being an asset in the workplace is vital to ensure job security and overall success in one’s career, but how does one manage such a task? Students and future employees need an arsenal of tactics to ensure that one is helpful and efficient at work, perpetually promoting growth and success. Florida National University (FNU) is dedicated to ensuring that students are fully prepared for what is ahead—that might include spending... Read More
  • Tax Code Changes: What Students Need to Know

    Along with a new year come taxes. In January, all students, employees, and philanthropists receive tax information in order to complete their taxes by April. One may notice that, from year to year, taxes are not the same. Without a change in pay, workers often expect that they will receive the same refund from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as they received in the previous year. This, however, is not... Read More
  • A Closer Look at FNU’s Dental Programs

    Florida National University (FNU) offers five respective dental programs from which students can choose. Individuals who are considering a career in the dental field might want to explore the opportunities made available through FNU. Let’s take a closer look at what FNU’s dental programs have to offer, and the benefits of each: Why Study in the Dental Field The dental field is a growing field that is increasingly important as... Read More
  • What Do Accountants Do? A Look at the Life of a CPA

    Have you ever wondered what accountants really do? Accountants have various job opportunities available to them outside of the general pencil-pusher cliché — especially when they opt to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). To become a CPA there are strict educational requirements that must be met. A prospective CPA must hold a bachelor’s degree at minimum and must be prepared to pass the exam given by the American Institute... Read More
  • FNU Holds Respiratory Therapy Pinning Ceremony

    Florida National University (FNU) held a pinning ceremony to honor the Respiratory Therapy Graduating Class of 2014 in FNU’s Hialeah Campus on Wednesday, December 17th, 2014. Respiratory Therapy Program Director Professor Jose Antonia Lammoglia was the Master of Ceremony.       The Keynote speaker was Mr. Alfredo Castillo, a pioneer in the field of Respiratory Therapy in Chicago. At the time when the profession was just starting to be... Read More
  • Studying Criminal Justice: Not What You See on T.V.

    Although many students enter their criminal justice program with the CSI theme playing in their heads, they soon find that the field does not match up to the way television shows depict it. Even in shows that are scripted to be realistic, or shows during which real individuals bring in community cases (i.e. Judge Judy, The People’s Court, and Caso Cerrado), television still fails to give viewers a legitimate look... Read More
  • Best Jobs in Criminal Justice

    The criminal justice field holds many possible job opportunities. While there are endless interesting careers in the field, there are a few that stand out. The following are a few of the most rewarding careers in criminal justice: Criminal Lawyer A criminal lawyer represents a defendant in the criminal court system at the federal, state, and local level. Criminal lawyers may work on many cases at once, counseling clients on... Read More
  • 10 Holiday Tips for Students Away from Home

    The holidays are a special season filled with food, family, friends, and fun, but what do students do when they cannot head back home for the holidays? Follow Florida National University’s (FNU) tips if you find yourself far from home this season. Begin with Coping & Realization First of all, students should realize that they are not the only student who is spending a holiday alone. In fact, there are... Read More