• What Kind of Nursing Degrees Can You Get Online?

      If you’re aspiring to be a nurse, there are hundreds of nursing schools offering online programs that you can earn in two years. However, if you’re aspiring to be an exceptional nurse, then that means learning as much as you can about the nursing industry and the healthcare sector as a whole. And frankly, you’re not going to be able to cover all of that with an associate’s degree.... Read More
  • Conquistador Men’s Soccer #5 Seed in USCAA National Championships

    With the USCAA National Championship looming, the Florida National University (FNU) Men's Soccer team awaited to see if they'd receive an invitation. Not only will they represent FNU in the tournament, but they will be the #5 seed! After a 14-1 season and finishing 2nd in the USCAA in goals scored, this is the first appearance in the National Championships in program history. Under the leadership of Coach Fernando Valenzuela... Read More
  • Lady Conquistadors #1 Seed in USCAA National Championship

    After an outstanding 25-5 season, the best in program history, the Florida National University (FNU) Lady Conquistadors Volleyball Team just received news that not only will they be attending the USCAA National Championship in Virginia Beach on November 10th-12th, they also earned the #1 seed in the tournament! Under the leadership of Coach Carlos Huaroto-Luque and Athletic Director Avery Swarn, the ladies have persevered their way through a long season,... Read More
  • Your Technical School Closed Down? Here’s What You Should Do

    It can be a shock to learn that your school is closing down. Panic can quickly arise with a series of questions like: What happens to my credits? Will another school accept them? I planned to graduate this year. What do I do now? What school should I transfer to? What about my financial aid? Can I get it back? The one thing you should keep in mind is that... Read More
  • Men’s Soccer win their final regular season game vs powerhouse NCAA Division II Nova Southeastern

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The Conquistadors men’s soccer team traveled to Davie, FL this past Friday, October 28th to face NCAA Division II powerhouse Nova Southeastern University (The Sharks). Florida National University was looking to keep the winning streak alive and clinch its 14th win in a row. The Conquistadors haven’t lost a match since their opening season game this year, when they were defeated by Oklahoma Wesleyan University which... Read More
  • Guide to Florida National University’s Online Bachelor Programs

    If you’re seriously considering pursuing a bachelor’s degree online, then there are a couple of things you should know. There’s this myth that online bachelor programs are somehow easier than the traditional classroom setting. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it can be argued that it’s actually a bit more challenging. That is not to say the coursework online is harder than the assignments in a brick... Read More
  • Men’s Soccer road trip to our Nation’s Capital

    After a long 16 hour trip to our nation’s capital the FNU Men’s Soccer team went in there with a record of 11-1 and came back with a record of 13-1 and with tons of memories that will last a life time. They accomplished this by first beating Washington Adventist University on a very cold Monday night in Takoma Park, MA by a wide margin of 7-0. The conquistadors as... Read More
  • How a Master’s in Health Administration Can Advance Your Career in Florida

    The state of Florida is the perfect place for someone who is interested in either pursuing a career in the healthcare industry or advancing in the position he or she already has acquired in the field. The number of jobs in the healthcare industry is expected to increase significantly according to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their 2015 report stated that there was an employment... Read More
  • Men’s Soccer two road games in Virginia

    The USCAA released this friday it's Week #3 Poll. The Conquistadors, who didn't play this past week due to game cancellations dropped one spot to #6. The Conquistadors did not play again during this week but their next two games are scheduled for next week on October 24 and 25, they will be leaving from Miami to Washington DC this weekend. The Conquistadors will have two road games in Virginia... Read More
  • What is the Best Dental Assistant Certificate Program in Miami?

    While teeth are considered the hardest part on the human body, they are not bones, contrary to what some people might think. Just like the hands, feet, and other complicated areas of the human body, teeth are unique and complex enough to have a separate field of its own. Teeth are made up of a calcified tissue called dentin and are covered in enamel, giving them that shiny coat that... Read More