• Sailor Earns His Degree While Serving His Country

    I’ve been in the U.S. Navy for 14 years stationed in San Diego, and I am a distance learning student with Florida National University (FNU). I have been taking courses online since early 2011; and I recently earned an Associates of Art degree in Criminal Justice (CJ). Currently, I’m working on my Bachelor of Science in CJ. I’d like to express what a positive and beneficial pleasure it’s been to... Read More
  • Dr. Ana Gloria Mora Conducts Lecture at Florida National University

      [caption id="attachment_6935" align="aligncenter" width="573"] Dr Mora (center) with FNU Faculty and Staff[/caption]   As an Academic Advisor and professional in the field of psychology, I know the importance of having proper ethics within the public health field.   It is the concern of every Florida National University professor that their students learn how to properly conduct themselves in the practice of their careers. It is why Professor Lammoglia and... Read More
  • Florida National University Honors Veterans and Members of the Military by setting “America’s White Table.”

      Based on Margot Theis Raven's book America's White Table, Florida National University set a table with a white tablecloth, a black napkin, a plate with a slice of lemon with salt, a turned-over glass, a white candle, and an empty chair as a tribute to all veterans and members of the U.S. Military.     America's White Table tells the story of a little girl who helps her mother... Read More
  • The Medical Field Needs Nurses

    Nursing has become a highly sought out and in-demand profession. Author of The 150 Best Recession-proof Jobs, Laurence Shakit calls nursing “gold”, noting that despite socioeconomic status, people will continue to get sick and corporations can’t outsource nurses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that between 2008 and 2025 the projected job growth for nurses is 581,500.   Nursing Shortages The Bureau of Labor Statistic states that the 2012 growth... Read More
  • National Radiology Technology Week (November 5 – 9, 2012)

    On November 8, 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, a German physicist, produced and detected electromagnetic radiations and named them X-Ray (X standing for unknown). By accident, he discovered the possibility of using electromagnetic radiation to create images. This important discovery made it possible to see the inner structure of the body without cutting into the flesh. This achievement earned Röntgen the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901. Today X-Rays are... Read More
  • How to Be a Better Person

    Life can be difficult. People are always looking for an influence, someone to look up to, someone to emulate. You can set the example, be the motivation that can really impact another human being. You can help change the world by changing yourself. Change must come from within, so become an example. Decide what it is that you consider a 'good' person to be. You can do this by observing... Read More
  • SAT Test Taking Tips

    As you prepare to take the SAT test, you probably have a million things running through your mind. If you are worried about how you are going to do, a few SAT test taking tips exist to help you get through it with ease. Browse through some of the following SAT test taking strategies in order to gain peace of mind when preparing for the big day. SAT Test Tips... Read More
  • MBA Open House at Florida National University

    Ms. Mearli Orozco, FNU Valedictorian and Guest Blogger attended the FNU MBA Open House and wrote this blog. [caption id="attachment_6596" align="alignleft" width="300"] MBA orientaton[/caption] I recently graduated with my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Florida National University. One of my goals in life is to continue with my education and obtain a career where I can utilize my previous management experience and skills. One of the fields that have... Read More
  • Meet Ms. Olga Garcia-Quin: an FNU Success Story

      Guest Blogger: Ms. Olga Garcia_Quin [caption id="attachment_6578" align="alignleft" width="150"] Ms. Olga Garcia-Quin, FNU Graduate and Guest Blogger[/caption]                 My name is Olga Garcia-Quin, and I have lived in Medley, Florida since 1989. I completed high school at Miami Springs Senior High School in 1992. I graduated from Florida National University with an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal which has allowed me to work... Read More
  • For Veterans, Use Your GI Bill to Earn a College Degree

    Military recruits typically enlist and serve for one term. They intend to use the military as a starting point rather than pursue as a long-term career. After serving, military personnel return to civilian life and obtain a college education. The GI Bill was designed for military personnel to attend college without paying out of pocket as a reward for their military service. Military Personnel Getting a College Education In searching... Read More