• 10 Reasons You Should Pursue a Career in Healthcare at FNU

    10 Reasons You Should Pursue a Career in Healthcare at FNU

    When determining which university will be best, students must consider their career goals, major, quality of education, financial situation, the list goes on. Are you wanting to jump into the healthcare industry? Students looking for the best school to study healthcare should consider one of the many programs offered at Florida National University (FNU). Here…

  • Top 10 Skills every Psychologist needs. Contact FNU at 305-821-3333 for more information!

    Top 10 Skills Every Psychologist Needs

    Being a psychologist can be a rewarding, but challenging field. A psychologist requires a diverse set of skills and traits to be successful in their line of work and improve outcomes for their clients. Here are 10 skills every psychologist should have.   1. Communication Communication is important in any field but in psychology, it…

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    UPDATED: FNU Goes Virtual 11/17

    FNU will maintain Virtual Learning for the remainder of the Fall B term. In an abundance of caution, we want to make certain that our Faculty, Staff, and Students remain healthy and safe. Faculty and Students will remain at home and meet virtually using the BlackBoard platform during their regularly scheduled class times. Campus offices…

  • 7 Tips for International Students Considering Studying in the US. Contact FNU today for more information!

    7 Tips for International Students Considering Studying in the US

    The thought of leaving high school behind and moving on to other adventures fills the hearts of most soon-to-be graduates with both giddiness and trepidation. This is particularly true for international students. On the one hand, these students know studying abroad will expand their horizons in ways they can’t even begin to imagine. On the…

  • What Can You Do with a Degree in Natural Science? Contact FNU at 305-821-3333 for more information on our Natural Sciences program!

    What Can You Do with a Degree in Natural Science?

    Are you interested in Natural Sciences but not sure how to get started or what to study? Do you want to learn about a large number of science-related topics at once? What are the career opportunities associated with Natural Sciences Degrees? Florida National University offers a Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences Degree program that…

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    Thank You, Veterans

    Today, November 11, 2020, we celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. veterans. Contrary to popular belief, Veterans Day and Memorial Day are not the same. Formerly known as Armistice Day, Veterans Day was created as a holiday to celebrate the end of WWI, and later in 1938, legislation was passed on November…

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    FNU Will Open Tuesday 11-10-2020

    FNU will resume all class schedules and work tomorrow Tuesday 11-10-2020. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact any of our campuses.   Hialeah – (305) 821-3333 South Campus – (305) 226-9999

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    FNU has cancelled classes on Monday, 11-09-2020 and the Campuses are closed

    STUDENTS: Due to the expected unfavorable weather conditions associated with Tropical Storm Eta, FNU has canceled classes on Monday, 11-09-2020. This includes on Campus, Online, and Athletic events. As of now, FNU will be operating as regularly scheduled on Tuesday 11-10-2020. FNU will continue to monitor Tropical Storm Eta. If conditions change, an update for…

  • psychology club introduction

    Big Welcome to FNU’s 2020 Psychology Club

                       Isabel Cruz                                     Joaquin Puebla                           Lenier De Verona                President     …

  • Annette Dominguez - FNU Volleyball Player

    Student-Athlete Finds Success Both On and Off the Court

    The balancing act that occurs within the life of a student-athlete is one that takes great patient and mental fortitude. For Annette Dominguez, the adversities have been handled with the same grace of a perfectly executed volleyball spike. We caught up with Annette so she could tell us about her experience at FNU, her life…

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    New Federal Guidance for International Students

    Dear FNU Family: We are aware of the new federal guidance for international students that was announced earlier this week. We understand the difficulties that the pandemic has brought onto our communities and we recognize the additional challenges this policy will bring. FNU prides itself on having a multicultural environment with students from all…

  • Enrique Martinez Dental Lab at Florida National University

    Dental Lab Technician goes from Graduate to Business Owner

    Florida National University students are cut from a different cloth. They are revered for their perseverance and determination. The spirit of the Conquistador is embodied in every story we tell. Enrique Martinez is no exception. Enrique enrolled at FNU at the end of 2012, seeking a certificate in the field that he considered home: dental.…

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    FNU to Offer COVID-19 Online Student Scholarship Program for Fall 2020 Semester

    HIALEAH, FLA. – New scholarship opportunity for students to start their Associate, Bachelor, Diploma, or Certificate fully online this Fall! Florida National University (FNU) recently announced its new COVID-19 Scholarship.  The scholarship was developed to help ease the financial challenges for prospective online students who were looking forward to starting their higher education studies…

  • ESL Scholarship

    FNU to Offer COVID-19 ESL Scholarship for Fall 2020 Semester

    HIALEAH, FLA. – Florida National University (FNU) is pleased to announce The COVID-19 ESL Scholarship, a scholarship aimed at helping individuals that need to polish their English skills to become more marketable. FNU intends to support individuals that need to improve their English (ESL) skills and who qualify for a full Pell-grant to attend the…

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    UPCOMING WEBINAR: How COVID-19 Affects B2B Relationships: Implications for Management and Research

    *This webinar will be hosted in Spanish